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List Of Castles Of Scotland


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NameBuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Aberdeen Castle13th centuryNo remainsAberdeenDestroyed June 1308


NameBuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Abergeldie CastleAbout 1550PreservedNear CrathieLeased to the Royal Family 1848–1970
Banff Castle12th centuryNo remainsBanff*
Balmoral Castle1856In use as a residenceRoyal DeesideOn the site of a 15th-century castle
Balquhain Castle14th centuryRuinWest of InverurieVisited by Mary, Queen of Scots
Birse Castle1911Restored as a residenceForest of BirseRebuilt 1911
Bognie Castle1660sRuinedHuntlyAlso known as Conzie Castle
Braemar Castle17th centuryPreservedBraemar
Cairnbulg Castle14th centuryIn use as a residenceCairnbulgRestored in the 19th century. Also known as Philorth Castle. One of the Nine Castles of Knuckle.
Cluny Castlec. 1604In use as a residenceSouth of Monymusk
Corgarff Castlec. 1550PreservedStrathdon
Corse Castle16th centuryRuined*
Coull Castle13th centuryRuined*
Craigievar Castle1626PreservedAlforddecorative plasterwork
Craigston Castle1607In use as a residenceTurriff
Crathes Castle1596PreservedBanchorypainted ceilings
Delgatie Castle1579PreservedTurriffpainted ceilings
Drum Castle13th-16th centuryPreservedDrumoak
Drumtochty Castle1812OccupiedAuchenblae
Dundarg Castle14th-16th centuryRuinedNew AberdourOne of the Nine Castles of Knuckle
Dunnideer Castlec. 1260RuinedInsch
Dunnottar Castle16th centuryRuinedStonehaven
Eden Castle1577RuinedBanff
Esslemont Castle14th centuryRuinedEllon
Fasque Castle1809OccupiedFettercairn
Fedderate Castle1257RuinedNear New Deer
Fetteresso Castle1761Occupied as flatsStonehavenOriginally a 14th-century tower house
Findlater Castle14th centuryRuinedSandend
Castle Forbes1815Occupied as a residenceAlford
Castle Fraser1636PreservedInverurie
Fyvie Castle13th century with additionsPreservedFyvieMost of the current structure (including the beautiful gatehouse) dates to the late 14th through late 16th century
Hatton Castle1814 but incorporates earlier structureOccupied as a residenceTurriff
Glenbuchat Castle1590RuinedKildrummy
Huntly Castle15th-17th centuryRuinedHuntlydecorative plasterwork
Inchdrewer Castle16th centuryRuinedSouth-west of Banff
Inverallochy Castle13th centuryRuinedInverallochyOne of the Nine Castles of Knuckle
Invercauld Castle18th centuryIn use as accommodationRoyal Deeside
Inverugie Castle12th centuryRuinedInverugie
Kildrummy CastleMid to late 13th centuryRuinedKildrummy
Kincardine Castle19th centuryIn use as a residenceRoyal Deeside14th century ruin nearby
Kindrochit Castle14th centuryRuinedBraemarFounded by Malcolm Canmore in 1059
Kinnaird Castle1570In use as a lighthouseFraserburghNow the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses, one of the Nine Castles of Knuckle
Kinnairdy Castle14th-16th centuriesIn use as accommodationAberchirder
Kinord Castle14th centuryRuined
Knock CastleAround 1600RuinedBallater
Knockhall Castle1565RuinedNear Newburgh
Lauriston Castle13th centuryStill used as a residenceSt Cyrus
Leslie Castle14th centuryRestored as a residenceLeslie
Lonmay CastleBefore 1720No remainsCrimondOne of the Nine Castles of Knuckle
Migvie Castle13th centurySlight remains
Muchalls Castle13th-17th centuryIn useMuchalls
Castle Newe1831No remainsStrathdonIncorporates a tower from 1604
Castle of ParkIn use as a residenceCornhill
Peill CastleBefore 1650Replaced by Leith HallNear Kennethmont
Pitsligo Castle1424RuinedRoseheartyAlso known as Pitsligo Palace, one of the Nine Castles of Knuckle
Pittulie Castle16th centuryRuinedRoseheartyOne of the Nine Castles of Knuckle
Castle of RattrayFrom 12th centuryNo remainsRattrayOne of the Nine Castles of Knuckle
Ravenscraig Castle15th centuryInverugie
New Slains Castle1597, rebuilt 1837RuinedCruden Bay"New" Slains Castle
Old Slains Castle13th centuryRuinedCollieston"Old" Slains Castle, destroyed 1594
Terpersie Castle1561RestoredAlford
Tolquhon Castle1589RuinedPitmedden
Udny Castle14th-15th centuryNorth east of Udny Green
Westhall Castle16th centuryInsch


NameBuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Affleck Castle15th centuryIn use as a residenceMonikie
Airlie Castle1793In use as a residenceAlyth
Aldbar Castlec. 16th century
Ardestie Castlec. 15th century
Auchmull Castlec. 16th century
Auchterhouse Castlec. 13th century
Auchtermeggities CastleUnknown
Baikie CastleUnknown
Balcraig CastleUnknown
Balfour Castlec. 16th centuryRuinedBalfour Mains
Balintore Castlec. 19th centuryUnder restoration
Ballinshoe TowerUnknown
Ballumbie Castlec. 15th centuryRuined
Bannatyne HouseUnknown
Barnyards CastleUnknown
Black Jack's CastleUnknown
Blackness Manor HouseUnknown
Bolshan CastleUnknown
Bonnyton CastleUnknown
Boysack CastleUnknown
Braikie CastleUnknown
Brandy Den CastleUnknown
Brechin Castle1709In use as a residenceBrechin
Careston Castle17th-19th centuryCareston*
Carmyllie Castle
Carnegie Castle
Castle of Downie
Castleton of Eassie
Claverhouse Castle, Glamis
Clova Castle
Colliston Castle1545OccupiedArbroathOn hire as a venue for receptions
Cortachy Castle16th-19th centuryKirriemuir
Cossans Castle
Craig Castle
Craig House, Angus
Edzell Castle16th centuryRuinedEdzellIncludes a unique Renaissance garden
Ethie Castle14th century and laterIn use as a hotelInverkeilor
Farnell Castle16th centuryFarnell
Finavon Castle1856In use as a residenceFinavonRuined earlier castle nearby
Forfar Castle11th centuryNo remainsForfarLocation recorded in the name of Castle Street, Forfar
Glamis Castle14th centuryIn use as a residenceGlamis
Guthrie Castle1848In use as a residenceGuthrieIncorporates earlier structure
Hatton Castle1575Restored as a residenceNewtyle
Invermark Castle1526RuinedGlen Mark
Inverquharity Castle1440sRestored as a residenceKirriemuirAn attached wing dates to the 16th century, but was rebuilt in the 20th century
Kinnaird Castle1855In use as a residenceBrechinIncorporates earlier structure
Melgund Castle16th centuryRestored as a residenceAberlemno
Montrose Castle12th centuryNo remainsMontrose, Angus
Red Castle15th centuryRuinedInverkeilor

Argyll and Bute

NameBuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Achallader Castle16th centuryRuinedBridge of Orchy
Ardencaple Castle12th centuryDemolishedHelensburgh
Aros Castle13th centuryRuinedIsle of Mull
Barcaldine Castle17th centuryIn use as a hotelLoch Creran near Oban
Calgary Castle19th centuryCalgary, Isle of Mull
Carnasserie Castle16th centuryRuinedCalgary, Isle of Mull
Carrick Castle15th centuryRuined, undergoing restorationArgyll
Claig CastleBefore 17th centuryFoundation RuinsIsle of Fraoch Eilean
Craignish Castle16th century or earlierRebuiltAdfernsee Craignish
Duart Castle13th centuryRestoredIsle of Mull
Dunans Castle1860Partially restoredGlendaruel
Dunaverty Castle13th centuryRuinedKintyre
Dundarave Castle16th centurynortheast of Inveraray
Dunollie Castle13th centuryRuinedOban
Dunstaffnage Castlec. 1220RuinedAlmost entirely 13th century, although the upper gatehouse is late 15th century
Duntrune Castle13th centuryStill in use as a residenceArgyllThe tower house is a 17th-century addition
Dunyvaig Castle13th centuryRuinedIslay
Fincharn Castle1240RuinedShore of Loch Awe
Glengorm Castle1860In use as a hotel and venuenorth of Tobermory
Gylen Castle1582RuinedKerrera
Innes Chonnel Castle13th centuryRuinedLoch Awe
Inveraray Castle1746Still in use as a residenceInveraray
Kames Castle14th centuryStill in use as a residenceIsle of Bute
Kilchurn Castle15th centuryRuinedLoch Awe
Kilmahew Castle16th centuryRuinedCardross
Kilmartin Castle16th centuryRestored
Kilmory Castle19th centuryIn use as officesLochgilphead
Castle Lachlan1790Strathlachlan
Old Castle Lachlan15th centuryRuinedLoch Fyne
Minard Castle19th centuryLoch Fyne
Moy Castle15th centuryRuinedNear Lochbuie, Mull
Rothesay Castle13th centuryRuinedRothesay
Saddell Castle16th centuryRestoredShore of Kilbrannan SoundSee Saddell
Skipness Castle13th centuryRuinedSkipness
Castle Stalker15th centuryRestoredLoch LaichSeen in Monty Python and the Holy Grail as "Castle"
Castle Sween12th centuryRuinedEastern shore of Loch Sween
Tarbert CastlePre-13th centurySouth shore of East Loch Tarbert
Torosay Castle1858Unoccupied residenceIsle of Mull
Torrisdale Castle1815In use as a residenceIsle of Mull
Castle Toward1940In use as education centreArgyll


NameBuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Alloa Tower14th centuryPreservedAlloa
Broomhall Castle1874In use as a hotelMenstrie
Clackmannan Tower14th-15th century extensionRuinCurrently limited to exterior views only due to repair work
Castle Campbell15th centuryRuinDollar GlenAlso known as Castle Gloom
Menstrie Castle16th centuryRestored as flatsMenstrieContains a museum operated by the National Trust for Scotland
Sauchie Tower15th centuryEmptyFishcross

Dumfries and Galloway

NameBuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Abbot's TowerLate 16th centuryRestored in 1990; in use as a residence
Amisfield Tower17th centuryStill in use as a residence
Annan Castle12th centuryMotte remains
Auchen Castle14th centuryRuinedAlso the name of a nearby baronial house of 1849
Auchenrivock TowerLate 16th centuryRuined
Auchenskeoch Castle17th centuryRuinedOnly Z-plan tower in Galloway
Baldoon Castle17th centuryRuinedKirkinner*
Balmangan Tower16th centuryRuined
Barclosh CastleLate 16th centuryRuined
Barholm Castle15th centuryRestored as a residence
Barjarg TowerLate 16th centuryProgressively restored since 18th century
Barscobe Castle1648Restored 1971
Blackethouse Tower16th centuryRuined
Blacklaw Tower16th centuryRuined
Bonshaw Tower16th centuryPreserved
Boreland TowerLate 16th century
Breckonside TowerLate 16th-17th centuryRuined
Breckonside Towerc. 1591Ruined
Brydekirk Tower16th centuryRuined
Buittle Castle12th centuryRuined
Buittle Place16th centuryRuined
Caerlaverock Castle13th centuryRuined
Cardoness Castle15th centuryRuined
Carsluith Castle16th centuryRuined
Castle Kennedy14th centuryRuined
Castle of Park16th centuryRestored as holiday accommodationNear GlenluceLeased to Landmark Trust
Castle of St. John16th centuryRestored as a museumStranraer
Castlemilk Tower15th century*
Closeburn Castle14th centuryStill in use as a residence
Comlongon Castle15th centuryRestored as a hotel19th century extensions
Cornal Tower16th centuryRuined
Corra Castle, KirkgunzeonOnly remains are those of 17th-century house
Corsewall Castle15th CenturyRuin
Craigcaffie Castlec. 1570Repaired Ruin
Crawfordton TowerRuined
Cruggleton Castle12th centuryRuinedIn Wigtownshire
Cumstoun Castlec. 1500Ruined
Dalswinton Tower16th centuryRuined
Drumcoltran TowerLate 16th centuryPreserved
Drumlanrig Castle17th centuryStill in use as a residenceOn the site of an earlier castle
Dumfries Castle12th centuryRuined
Dundeugh Castle16th centuryRuined
Dunskey Castle16th centuryRuinedPortpatrick
Earlstoun Castle16th centuryDecayed but roof maintained
Edingham Castle16th centuryRuined
Eliock House16th centuryPartly ruined
Elshieshields Tower16th centuryRestored
Fourmerkland Tower1590Preserved
Frenchland Tower16th-17th centuryRuined
Friar's Carse1873Occupied as a hotelOn the site of a castle
Galdenoch Castle
Gillesbie Tower16th centuryRuined
Gilnockie Tower16th centuryRestored as a residenceAlso known as Hollows Tower
Glenae Tower16th centuryRuined
Hills Tower16th centuryRestored c. 1930
Hoddom Castle1565Preserved
Isle Tower or Lochar Tower1587Preserved
Isle of Whithorn Castle1674Preserved as a residence
Kenmure Castle16th century
Kirkconnell Tower15th centuryStill in use as a residence
Kirkcudbright Castle12th centuryGreyfriar's Church built on the site
Lag TowerRuined
Langholm Tower16th centuryRuined
Lochar Tower16th centuryRuined
Lochhouse Tower16th centuryRestored as a residence
Lochinch Castle1867Still in use as a residence
Old Lochmaben Castle12th centuryEarthworks only remainLochmabenPossible birthplace of Robert the Bruce, 1274. Located at 2nd green and 3rd tee of Lochmaben Golf Course
Lochmaben Castlec. 1298 King EdwardRuinedLochmaben
Lochnaw Castle16th centuryLeswaltLarge 17th century additions
Lochwood Castle15th centuryRuined
Lockerbie Tower16th centuryDemolished 1967
MacLellan's Castle16th centuryRuinedKirkcudbright
Mellingshaw Tower16th centuryRuined
Morton Castle15th centuryRuined
Mouswald Towerc. 1562Ruined
Orchardton Tower15th centuryRuined
Plunton CastleRuined
Raecleugh TowerRuined
Repentance Tower1565Preserved
Robgill Tower12th century or earlier
Rusko CastleRestored
Sanquhar Castle15th centuryRuinedPartially restored in the 19th century
Sorbie Tower16th centuryRuinedSorbie
Threave Castle14th centuryRuined
Tibbers Castle13th centuryRuinedThe ruins lie within the estate of Drumlanrig Castle *
Torthorwald Castle14th centuryRuined
Wigtown Castle12th centuryNo remains
Wreaths Tower16th centuryRuins


NameBuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Broughty Castle15th centuryIn use as a museumBroughty Ferry
Claypotts Castle16th centuryPreserved
Dudhope Castle15th centuryIn use as officesLaw
Dundee Castle12th centuryNo remainsDundee
Mains Castle16th centuryPreservedalso known as Fintry Castle
Powrie Castle16th centuryRuined17th century wing restored

East Ayrshire

NameBuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Aiket CastleLate 15th centuryRestored and used as a residenceSee Barony of Aiket
Auchencloigh Castle15th centuryScant remainsNear Sinclairston*
Barr Castle15th centuryIn use as a Masonic Lodge with a museumGalstonAlso known as Lockhart Tower
Busbie Castle14th centuryScant remainsKnockentiberDemolished in the 1950s
Caprington Castle15th centuryStill in use as a residenceNear KilmarnockExtended to form a baronial house in the 1830s
Carnell Castle15th centuryStill in use as a residence
Cessnock Castle13th centuryRestored as a residence
Corsehill CastleRuinedStewartonSee Corsehill, Lainshaw, Robertland and Dunlop
Craufurdland Castle14th centuryStill in use as a residence
Corsehill CastleRuinedStewartonSee Corsehill, Lainshaw, Robertland and Dunlop
Dean Castle14th centuryRestored as a museumKilmarnockRestored 1935-6
Dunlop CastleNo remainsNear Dunlop village
Haining Place16/17th centuriesVaulted basement survivesNear Kilmarnock*
Kerse CastleBefore 1600No remainsNear Hollybush
Kilmaurs Castlec. 15th centuryNo remainsNear Jocksthorn Farm, KilmaursReplaced by later Kilmaurs Place
Kingencleugh Castle17th CenturyOrnamental ruinsNear MauchlinePart of the Kingencleugh House estate
Lainshaw CastleLainshaw House incorporates part of the old castleStewarton
Loch Doon CastleLate 13th century (rebuilt 1930s)Ruined
Loudoun Castleby the 1820sSubstantial ruinsNear GalstonDestroyed by fire in 1941, formerly known as Windsor of the North, incorporated into a theme park between 1995 and 2010
Mauchline Castle15th centuryStill standingMauchlineAlso known as Abbot Hunter's Tower
Martnaham Castle4th & 5th centuries (King Coil)RuinsOn the south-side of Martnaham Loch,-sailors,-rebels-outlaws/king-coil.aspx
Newmilns Tower1530sRestored and used as a residenceNewmilnsRestored in 1997 - locally referred to as The Keep
Polkelly Castle14th centuryRemovedNear Polkelly HallRuins used to build a road in the 1850s
Ravenscraig CastleBefore 1604Ruined,_East_Ayrshire
Riccarton CastleBefore 1297No remainsA commemorative plaque is at the fire station
Robertland Castle16th centuryThe motte and a few stones remain. Robertland House was built from its remains.Near Stewarton
Rowallan Castle16th centuryIntactNear KilmarnockIn the grounds of a Golfing development
Sorn Castle1409Expanded 1909, in use as a hotel
Templehouse FortaliceStewartonSee Corsehill, Lainshaw, Robertland and Dunlop
Terringzean Castle, East AyrshireSubstantial ruinsNear AuchinleckIn the grounds of Dumfries House
Trabboch Castle14th centuryRuinNear StairMuch of the stone used to build the nearby farm

East Dunbartonshire

NameBuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Bardowie Castle16th centuryRestoredBardowie, by Milngavie
Craigend Castle1812RuinMugdock Country ParkBuilt on the site of an older castle
Lennox Castle1841RuinLennoxtown

East Lothian

NameBuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Auldhame Castle16th centuryRuinSeacliff
Ballencrieff Castle1507,1586RestoredBallencrieff
Barnes CastleRuinHaddingtonExtensive castle planned, but never completed above the vaults
The Bass16th centuryRuinBass Rocklater adapted for artillery; stone used to build lighthouse
Black CastleNo remainsCockburnspathsome remains existed until c. 1800,_East_Lothian
Carberry Tower16th centuryOccupiedMusselburghExtended in the 18th century, now a hotel
Dirleton Castle13th centuryPartly ruinedDirleton
Dunbar CastleRuinDunbar
Fa'side Castle15th centuryRestored 1970sTranentAlso known as Faside, Fawside and Falside
Fenton Tower1587RestoredNorth BerwickIn use as a hotel, also featured on Balamory
Gamelshiel Castle14th centuryRuinLammermuir Hills
Garleton Castle16th centuryPartially occupiedHaddingtonPartially restored with remaining part ruined
Hailes Castle14th centuryRuinEast LintonRanges and towers 15th-16th century
Innerwick Castle14th centuryRuinInnerwick
Keith MarischalOccupied
Kilspindie CastleRuin
LennoxloveOccupiedOpen to the public
Luffness Castle16th centuryalteredAberladycastle on site from 13th century
Penshiel TowerRuin
Preston Tower15th centuryRuinPrestonpans, next to Hamilton HouseTwo storeys added in 17th century. Currently in council-maintained grounds
Redhouse Castle16th centuryRuinLongniddry
Saltcoats Castle16th centuryRuinGullane
Saltoun Hall16th centuryOccupiedPencaitland
Smeaton House15th centuryModifiedDalkeithNow part of a farm
Stoneypath Tower16th centuryRestoredNunraw Abbey
Tantallon Castle14th centuryRuinNorth Berwick
Tranent Tower16th centuryRuinTranent
Waughton Castle14th centuryRuinWhitekirk
Whittingehame Tower15th centuryOccupiedEast Linton
Yester Castle13th centuryRuinGiffordIncludes an underground vault known as the Goblin Ha'

East Renfrewshire

NameBuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Caldwell CastleOne inhabited tower remainsNear UplawmoorRecently restored *,_East_Renfrewshire
Mearns Castle15th centuryRestored as a churchNewton Mearns
Polnoon Castle14th centuryTotal ruinNear Eaglesham


NameBuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Barnbougle Castle1881Remains
Bavelaw Castle16th centuryRestored
Craigcrook Castle17th centuryRebuild
Craiglockhart Castle15th centuryRemain
Craigmillar Castle14th–17th centuriesRuin
Cramond Tower15th centuryAbandoned
Dundas Castle15th centuryRestored
Edinburgh Castle12th-21st century
Inchgarvie Castle15th century
Lauriston Castle16th century
Lennox Tower15th centuryRuin
Liberton Tower17th centuryOccupied
Merchiston Castle15th century

Falkirk (council area)

NameBuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Airth Castle16th centuryOccupiedAirthIncorporates a 16th-century tower house and is now used as a hotel
Almond CastleRuinWhitecrossWithin an industrial estate
Blackness Castle15th centuryPreservedBlacknessOpen to the public
Castle Cary Castle15th centuryOccupiedCastlecaryStill in use as a residence
Elphinstone Tower15th centuryRuinDunmorePart of the Dunmore Park estate, later used as a mausoleum
Herbertshire Castlecirca 1407No remainsDunipaceDemolished 1950
Kinneil House1677PreservedBo'nessBuilt around 15th-century tower house, contains 16th-century murals
Torwood Castle1566RuinTorwoodUndergoing restoration


NameBuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Abbot House, Dunfermlineincorporates small Z-plan tower house
Aberdour CastleRuinbuilt by Douglas earls of Morton; painted ceiling
Airdit House
Airdre Castle
Aithernie Castle
Ardross Castle, Fife
Ayton Castle, Fife
Balgonie Castle
Ballinbreich CastleRuin
Balwearie CastleRuin
Collairnie CastleBarclay family, heraldic painted ceilings
Couston Castle
Craighall Castle1637Demolished
Dairsie Castle
Denmylne CastleRuinBalfour family
Dunimarle Castle18th centuryOccupiedCulrossEarlier ruin in grounds
Earlshall Castle
Falkland PalaceRoyal palace, painted ceiling
Fernie Castle
Fordell CastleHenderson family
Hallyards CastleRuin
Kellie CastleOliphant & Erskine family
Leuchars CastleRuin
Lochore Castle
Lordscairnie CastleRuin
Macduff's CastleRuin
Myres CastleScrimgeour family
Newark CastleRuin
Pittarthie CastleRuin
Piteadie CastleRuin
Pitreavie CastleNr DunfermlineWardlaw family
Ravenscraig Castlemid-15th centuryRuinKirkcaldySinclair family, in the grounds of Ravenscraig Park
Rossend CastleDury & Melville families painted ceiling in National Museum of Scotland
Rosyth CastleRuin
Rumgally House
St Andrews CastleRuin
Scotstarvit Tower
Wemyss Castle


NameBuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Bishop's Castle, GlasgowNo remainsHigh Street, GlasgowDemolished in the late 18th century,_Glasgow
Cathcart Castle15th centuryRuinedLinn Park, CathcartAbandoned in the 18th century, pulled down in the 1980s
Crookston Castle12th century; rebuilt c. 1400Ruined Pollok
Haggs Castle16th centuryOccupied as a residence Pollokshields
Partick Castle1611No remainsPartickDemolished during the 1830s


NameBuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Achnacarry CastleOccupied
Ackergill TowerOccupied*
Ardtornish CastleRuin
Ardvreck CastleRuin
Armadale CastleRuin
Ballone Castle16th centuryRestored as residence
Balnagown CastleOccupied
Beaufort CastleOccupied
Borve Castle, SutherlandRuin,_Sutherland
Braal CastleRuin
Brahan CastleRuin
Brims CastleRuin
Buchollie Castle1148Ruin
Caisteal MaolRuin
Carbisdale CastleOccupied
Castle Chanonry of RossNo remains
Castle of MeyOccupied
Cawdor CastleBegun in 1454, with keep dating to this period. Mostly 17th centuryOccupiedNairnshire
Castle CraigRuin
Dalcross CastleOccupied
Dingwall CastleRuinDingwall
Dornoch CastleOccupied
Dounreay CastleRuin
Dunbeath CastleOccupied
Dun RingillRuin
Dunrobin CastleOccupiedCastle open
Dunscaith CastleRuin
Dunvegan CastleOccupied
Eilean Donan CastleRebuiltDornieRebuilt in 20th century
Erchless CastleOccupiedStruy
Forse CastleRuin
Glengarry Castle
Castle GrantOccupied
Helmsdale Castle15th centuryNo remains
Invergarry Castle17th centuryRuinRuins under preservation
Inverlochy CastleRuin
Inverness CastleOccupied
Keiss CastleRuin
Kilravock CastleOccupiedNairnshireRose family
Kinloch CastleOccupied
Kinlochaline CastleOccupied
Castle LeodOccupied
Lochindorb CastleRuin
Milntown CastleNo remains
Mingarry Castle13th centuryRuinArdnamurchan PeninsulaUndergoing preservation, renovation and restoration
Moniack CastleOccupied
Newmore CastleRuin
Ormond CastleRuinAlso known as Avoch Castle
Rait Castle14th centuryRuinNairnshire
Redcastle or Castle RoyRuin
Scrabster CastleNo remains
Sinclair & Girnigoe CastleRuin
Skibo CastleOccupied
Strome CastleRuin
Castle Stuart1625Restored as residence
Tarradale Castle
Teaninich CastleOccupied
Castle TioramRuin
Tor CastleRuin
Tulloch Castle16th centuryOccupied
Urquhart CastleRuin
Varrich Castle1000ADRuinTongue, Highland


NameBuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Ardgowan CastleLate 15th centuryRuinInverkipWithin grounds of Ardgowan House, also known as Inverkip Castle
Castle Levan14th centuryRestoredGourockRestored as a residence in the 1980s
Castle Wemyssc. 1850No remainsWemyss BayDemolished 1984
Duchal CastleRuin
Dunrod CastleNo remains
Easter Greenock Castle16th centuryNo remainsGreenockDemolished in the 1830s
Newark Castle1478IntactPort GlasgowOpen to the public
Finlaystone Castlec. 1290Functional/Livable - Private & Open to PublicLangbank in County InverclydeExtensive gardens enjoyed by Queen Elizabeth II, site of the 1st Protestant Reformed communion service with Rev. John Knox, "Hang out" of poet Robert Burns


NameBuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Borthwick Castle1430OccupiedGorebridgeIn use as a hotel
Crichton Castle14th centuryPreservedGorebridgeOpen to the public
Dalhousie Castle16th centuryOccupiedBonnyriggIncorporates remains of 13th-century tower, now used as a hotel
Dalkeith Palace18th centuryOccupiedDalkeithIncorporates remains of 12th-century castle Now leased to the University of Wisconsin. Grounds open to the public
Hawthornden Castle17th centuryOccupiedLasswadeIncorporates ruined 15th-century keep Now used as a writers' retreat
Melville Castle18th centuryRestoredLasswadeBuilt on site of earlier castle[4] Now in use as a hotel
Newbattle Abbey17th centuryPreservedDalkeithPart of a former Cistercian Abbey, now a college
Roslin Castle14th centuryKeep is a ruin, later ranges occupiedRoslinRanges date from 15th-16th century[5] Leased to the Landmark Trust as holiday accommodation. Used in the film 'The Da Vinci Code' with Tom Hanks.


NameBuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Aikenway CastleRuined
Asliesk CastleRuined
Auchindoun CastleRuinedDufftown
Ballindalloch Castle1546Ruined
Balvenie CastleRuinedDufftown
Blairfindy CastleRuined
Blairfindy CastleRuined
Brodie CastleCompleteNairnshireOpen to public
Burgie CastleRuined
Coxton Tower1571 and 1584Ruined
Craigneach CastleNo remains
Cullen CastleRuin
Cullen HousePrivate dwellings
Darnaway Castle
Deskie CastleNo remains
Deskford TowerNo remains
Drumin CastleRuined
Duffus CastleRuinedOpen to public
Dunphail CastleRuined
Elgin CastleRuined
Earnside CastleNo remains
Findochty CastleRuined
Forres CastleNo remains
Gauldwell CastleRuined
Gordon Castle
Hempriggs CastleNo remains
Kilbuaick CastleNo remains
Kininvie Castle
Kinneddar CastleNo remains
Pitlurg CastleRuined
Quarrelwood CastleNo remains
Rothes CastleRuined
Rothiemay CastleRuined
Spynie PalaceRuinedOpen to public - visited by Mary Queen of Scots
Skeith CastleNo remains
Castle StripeRuined
Tor Castle, DallasRuined
Tronach CastleNo remains

North Ayrshire

NameBuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Ailsa Craig CastleRuinOff Girvan
Ardrossan CastleRuinArdrossanAccessible to the public
Auchenharvie CastleRuinNear TorranyardcA dangerous site
Baltersan CastleRuinsSW of Maybole
Hill of Beith Castle17th centuryFoundations onlyBeithDemolished in the 1750s
Broadstone CastleNo remainsBeithDemolished in 1850 to build the nearby farm
Brodick CastleIsle of Arran
Busbie CastleNo RemainsKnockentiber
Clonbeith CastleRuinNear Auchentiber
Cloncaird CastleHistoric CastleMaybole
Corsehill CastleRuinStewarton
Little Cumbrae Castle16th centuryRuinNear Cumbrae Island
Cunninghamhead CastleNo remainsNear Irvine
Dunure CastleRuinsDunure
Eglinton CastleRuinsIrvineNow Eglinton Country Park
Fairlie Castle15th centuryRuinFairlie
Giffen castleNo remainsBarrmillParts of it are incorporated into Barrmill Mill
Glengarnock CastleRuinKilbirnie
Greenan CastleRuinDoonfoot
Hessilhead CastleScant remainsLugtonA Wildlife Rescue Centre occupies part of the old estate
Kelburn CastleCastle open
Kerelaw CastleRuinSaltcoatsFenced off - dangerous
Kersland Castle15th centuryRuinNear DalryLocated at Easter Kersland Farm
Kilbirnie Place14th centuryRuinNear KilbirnieOn a golf course
Kildonan Castle13th century
Law Castle15th century
Lochranza CastleLochranza
MonkcastleRuinNear Kilwinning
Montfode Castle16th centuryMostly demolishedNear ArdrossanOne tower and a short section of wall remain
Montgreenan CastleRuinNear KilwinningMontgreenan House is nearby. Also known as the 'Bishop's Palace'
PitconDemolishedNear DalryAn 18th-century mansion is now present near the site
Portencross Castle
Roughwood Tower15th centuryDemolishedNear BeithA farm with old outbuildings is on the site
Seagate Castle16th centuryRuinIn Irvineaccess on Doors Open Days only
Shewalton CastleDemolishedIrvineThe castle was demolished in 1806 and a mansion house built on the site, also now demolished.
Skelmorlie Castle16th centuryInhabitedNear LargsMuch altered
StanecastleSubstantial ruinStanecastle, IrvineAccessible and well maintained

North Lanarkshire

NameBuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Bedlay Castle16th centuryOccupiedChrystonIn use as a residence
Dalzell House15th-19th centuryRestoredMotherwellDivided into apartments. Incorporates a 15th-century tower house


NameBuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Balfour Castle1847OccupiedShapinsayBuilt around an earlier structure
Bishop's Palace12th centuryRuinKirkwallRestored in the 16th century, open to the public
Earl's Palace, Birsay16th centuryRuinBirsayOpen to the public
Earl's Palace, Kirkwall17th centuryRuinKirkwallOpen to the public
Kirkwall Castle14th centuryNo remainsKirkwallDestroyed in 1614
Noltland Castle16th centuryRuinWestrayOpen to the public

Outer Hebrides

NameBuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Amhuinnsuidhe Castle1865OccupiedHarris
Ardvourlie Castle1863OccupiedHarris
Borve Castle14th centuryRuinedBenbecula
Calvay CastleUncertainRuinedCalvay Island, Loch Boisdale, South UistBonnie Prince Charlie hid here in June 1746, while fleeing from the Duke of Cumberland's troops after the Battle of Culloden.
Kisimul CastleRestoredCastlebay, BarraOpen to public
Lews Castle19th centuryOccupiedStornoway, LewisCategory A listed building
Ormacleit CastleEarly 18th centuryRuinedSouth UistBurned in 1715

Perth and Kinross

NameBuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Ardblair Castle16th centuryBlairgowrie
Arnot Towerc. 1507Ruinnr KinrossBuilt by Arnot family *
Ashintully Castle1583Kirkmichael, nr Blairgowriebuilt by Spalding family
Balhousie Castle1681PerthRegimental headquarters and museum of the Black Watch
Balmanno Castle*
Balthayock CastleUnoccupied*
Balvaird CastleLimited access
Blackcraig Castle16th centuryBlairgowrieWas the seat of the Barony of Balmachreuchie *
Blair Castle1269PreservedBlair AthollThe anicent seat of the Dukes and Earls of Atholl and home to Europe's only private army, the Atholl Highlanders
Burleigh Castlefree access
Black Castle of Moulincirca 1326RuinMoulin, Pitlochry
Castle Cluggy1467Ruin
Castle Huntly15th centuryIn use as a prisonCarse of Gowrie
Craighall Castle1637Demolished
Dalnaglar Castle
Drummond Castle
Dupplin Castle
Elcho CastleDecorative plasterwork
Finlarig Castleearly 17th centuryKillin
Forter CastleFolda
Huntingtower Castlepainted ceiling
Kinfauns Castle
Kinnaird Castle, Kinnaird
Lethendy Tower
Loch Leven CastleRuin
Meggernie Castle
Megginch Castle
Castle Menzies
Methven Castle
Murthly CastleMurthly
Newton Castle
Perth Castlepre-11th centuryNo remainsPerth
Taymouth CastleKenmore
Tullibole CastleCrook of Devon


NameBuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Auchenbathie Tower16th centuryRuinHowwoodAssociated with William Wallace
Barr Castle16th centuryRuinLochwinnoch
Blackhall ManorOccupied
Belltrees Peel1547-1572Ruin
Castle SempleRuin
Cochrane Castle
Erskine Castle
Gryffe Castle
Hawkhead Castle
Houston Castle
Inch Castlearound 1430
Inchinnan Castle
Johnstone Castle18th centuryUndergoing restorationJohnstone
Ranfurly or Ranforlie Castle15th centuryRuin
Renfrew CastleNo remains
Stanely Castle15th centuryRuin

Scottish Borders

NameBuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Ayton CastleOccupied
Branxholme CastleOccupied
Cessford CastleRuin
Cranshaws TowerOccupied
Cavers Castle1200Ruin
Drochil CastleRuin
Dryhope TowerRuin
Duns CastleOccupied
Edrington CastleRuin
Fast CastleRuinColdingham
Fatlips CastleUndergoing restoration
Ferniehirst CastleOccupied
Floors Castle1721OccupiedKelsoruins of Roxburgh castle in the grounds
Fulton TowerRuin
Greenknowe TowerRuin
Hermitage CastleRuinNewcastleton
Hume CastleRuinGreenlawReplaced by a baronial-style jail
Jedburgh CastledemolishedJedburgh*
Kirkhope TowerOccupied
Mervinslaw PeleRuin
Neidpath Castle14th centurySemi-ruinousPeeblesExtensively remodelled in 16th century
Newark CastleRuin
Nisbet House1630RestorationDunsWest Tower added 1774
Peebles Castle12th centuryNo remainsPeebles
Roxburgh CastleRuin
Smailholm Tower
Thirlestane CastleOccupied
Traquair HouseOccupied
Wedderburn CastleOccupied
Whitslaid TowerRuin


NameBuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Muness Castle1598
Scalloway Castle1600

South Ayrshire

NameBuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Ardstinchar CastleRuin*
Auchans Castle17th centuryRuinDundonaldOnetime home to Lady Susanna Montgomerie and visited by Dr Samuel Johnson & James Boswell
Baltersan CastleRuin
Barr CastleGalston
Blairquhan Castle1824Occupied
Craigie Castle13th centuryRuinOne time home of the Wallace family
Culzean Castle1792PreservedIncorporates an older tower house
Dundonald CastleDundonald CastleDundonald
Dunduff CastleCirca 1696RestoredDunureHeld by the Stewarts and then the Whitefords
Dunure Castle15th centuryRuinDunure
Fail Castle16th centurySparse remainsTarboltonModified part of Fail Monastery
Glenapp CastleOccupied
Greenan CastleRuin
Killochan Castle1581OccupiedNear Girvan
Maybole Castle1560Occupied
Penkill Castle16th centuryOccupied
Sundrum CastleOccupied
Thomaston CastleRuin
Turnberry CastleRuin

South Lanarkshire

NameBuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Bothwell Castle14th centuryNo remainsLong Calderwood, East KilbrideDemolished in 1955
Calderwood Castle1500–1550RuinChatelherault Country ParkRebuilt as a folly in the 18th century
Craignethan Castle16th centuryRuinCrossford
Crawford CastleRuin
Douglas CastleRuin
Farme Castle15th centuryNo remainsRutherglenDemolished in the 1960
Gilbertfield Castle1607RuinCambuslang
Tower of Hallbar16th centuryRestored as holiday accommodationBraidwood
Lee CastleOccupied as a residenceLanarkParts date from the 13th century
Mains Castle15th centuryOccupied as a residence
Rutherglen Castle13th centuryNo remainsRutherglenDestroyed in 1569
Strathaven Castle14th centuryRuinStrathavenFree access
Tarbrax CastleNo remains

Stirling (council area)

NameBuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Airthrey Castle1790sOccupiedStirlingUniversity campus established in the grounds in the 1960s
Ballikinrain Castle1868OccupiedKillearnIndependent residential school
Buchanan Castle1854RuinDrymenDe-roofed in the 1950s
Craigend CastleRuinMugdock Country Park
Culcreuch Castle1296OccupiedFintryIn use as a hotel
Doune Castle14th centuryPreservedDouneOpen to the public
Edinample Castle16th centuryOccupied as a residenceBalquhidderRestored in the 1980s
Mugdock Castle14th centuryRuinMugdock Country Park
Plean CastleRestoredPlean
Stirling CastleStirling

West Dunbartonshire

NameBuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Dumbarton Castle17th-18th centuryDumbartonThe site was the centre of the Kingdom of Strathclyde. Open to public
Dunglass Castle15th centuryremainsBowlingPartially demolished for building stone 1735. Later house remains on the site
Balloch Castle1809RuinsBallochRuins of the original medieval castle still remain
Inchmurrin Castle14th centuryBuilt by the Earls of Lennox.
Boturich Castle1835Built on the ruins of an older castle
Tullichewan Castle19th centuryDemolished
Kilmaronock Castle15th centuryThe remains of a tower house of the late 15th or early 16th century, Kilmaronock was the property of the Earl of Glencairn in 1695

West Lothian

NameBuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Abercorn CastleUnknownWilliam de Avenel held the lands of Abercorn in the 12th century, and the castle was later a stronghold of the Black Douglases. In 1455 James II moved to curb the power of the Douglases, capturing several of their castles, and on 18 April Abercorn Castle was destroyed following a siege. The site of the castle is within the grounds of Hopetoun House and was excavated in the 1960s. What was thought to be a motte was revealed as a later mound, covering the remains of 15th- and 16th-century buildings.
Baads Castle1588Baads Castle was probably built in 1588. It was a property of the Douglas family, and burned down in 1736. The precise location is uncertain.
Bathgate CastleUnknownWalter, High Steward of Scotland, received the barony and castle of Bathgate as part of the dowry assigned to his bride Marjorie Bruce, daughter of Robert the Bruce, in 1314. Walter died there in 1327, and the castle may have been little used afterwards. The only traces are a mound ringed by a double ditch, located within a golf course.
Bridge CastleUnknownIn use as a hotelWestfield
Cairns Castle1440RemainsHarperrig Reservoir
Carribber Castle or Rob Gibb's CastleUnknownIn 1553 Robert Gib of Carribers was a baillie at the port of Newhaven near Edinburgh. Carribber Castle is the remains of a 16th-century manor house, and is unlikely to have been fortified due to its thin walls (less than 1 metre (3 ft 3 in) thick). Relatively little remains above ground, though the outlines of a courtyard and surrounding buildings can be traced, overlooking the steep Carribber Glen.
Couston CastleUnknownBuilt at some point between the 15th and 17th centuries, Couston was an L-plan structure, owned by the Sandilands family. By the early 20th century it had been reduced to a fragmentary ruin adjacent to a farmyard. The remaining structure was declared dangerous in 2006 and was demolished. The only artifact recovered during demolition was a piece of Medieval redware pottery within the mortar
Duntarvie Castle1590RestorationWinchburgh
House of the Binns1621–1630RebuiltBlackness
IlliestonUnknownThe Stewart kings James II and James IV are said to have had a hunting lodge at Illieston. The present three-storey house is probably of late 16th century or early 17th century date. It was purchased by John Ellis, an advocate in Edinburgh, around 1663. He added a Renaissance gateway inscribed with his initials and the date 1665. Later it became the property of the Earl of Hopetoun. It is now a private house.
Linlithgow Palace1424RebuiltLinlithgow
Lochcote CastleUnknownLochcote Castle comprises the remains of an angle tower, which were subsequently re-used as a doocot. The castle was replaced by Lochcote House, which was itself demolished in the 19th century.
Midhope CastledestroyedAbercorn
Murieston CastleRebuiltMurieston
Niddry CastleRuinedWinchburgh
Ochiltree CastleBridgend
Ogilface CastleUnknownOgilface was granted to the de Bosco family by David I in the 12th century.[25] It later passed to the Earl of Linlithgow, and is said to have been used by the Covenanters during the religious conflicts of the 17th century.[26] Now entirely ruined, archaeological surveys indicate a tower similar to Cramond Tower once stood on the site.
Peel of LivingstonUnknownThe Peel of Livingston was established in the 14th century, and housed an English garrison in the Wars of Scottish Independence. In the 18th century the remains of earthwork defences could be observed, possibly a homestead moat, with a later house built inside. By the middle of the 19th century these remains had been removed, and the area is now built up as part of the new town of Livingston. Excavations in the 1960s failed to uncover significant remains, and the precise site is now uncertain.
Pumpherston CastleUnknownAlthough it may have once been a substantial building, nothing now remains of Pumpherston Castle, the ruins of which were removed in the late 18th century. It was the seat of a branch of the Douglas family from 1489 to the close of the 17th century.
Staneyhill TowerUnknownStaneyhill was built in the 17th century for the Sharp family: the architect may have been Sir James Murray of Kilbaberton. William Sharp of Staneyhill was the brother of James Sharp, Archbishop of St Andrews, who was murdered by Covenanters in 1679. Only the stair tower now remains standing, with ruined lower walls of the house.
Strathbrock CastleUnknownThe lands of Strathbrock were given to Freskyn, a Flemish nobleman, by David I in the 12th century. By the early 15th century it was in the hands of the Douglas family, and in 1524 the rector of Strathbrock Church lived there. The castle may have been a motte, with later stone buildings, and its remains were visible in the early 18th century. The area, to the south of Broxburn's Main Street, is now built up
Tartraven CastleUnknownTartraven may have been a small castle or manor, and belonged to a family called Ross. The ruins were still visible in the early 19th century, but nothing now remains. The site is adjacent to Castlepark Farm, which may incorporate stone from the castle.

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