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List Of Castles Of Finland

This is an incomplete list of castles and fortresses in Finland.

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NameBuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
St. Olaf's Castle1475Largely restoredSavonlinna
Turku Castle1280Largely restoredTurku
Häme Castle1320Largely restoredHämeenlinna
Suomenlinna1748Largely restoredHelsinki
Kastelholm Castle1300Partly ruinedÅland
Raseborg Castle1378Partly ruinedRaseborg
Hamina Fortress1720Partly ruinedHamina
Kärnäkoski Fortress1791Partly ruinedSavitaipale
Bomarsund Fortress1832RuinedBomarsund
Svartholm fortress1749Partly ruinedLoviisa
Fort Slava1794Partly ruinedKotka
Hakoinen Castle500 BCETotally ruinedJanakkala
Kajaani Castle1604Mostly ruinedKajaani
Kuusisto Castle1400Mostly ruinedKaarina
Brahelinna1646Mostly ruinedRistiina
Lieto Castle1500 BCETotally ruinedLieto
Stenberga Castle1200Totally ruinedMasku
Liinmaa Castle14th centuryTotally ruinedEurajoki
Kokemäki Castle1324Totally ruinedKokemäki
Oulu Castle1375Totally ruinedOulu
Sibbesborg1400Totally ruinedSipoo
Junkarsborg1500Totally ruinedKaris

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