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List Of Castles Of Luxembourg

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NameBuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Ansembourg Castle1135Privately owned, no visitorsAnsembourg
New Castle of Ansembourg1639Privately owned, renovatedAnsembourg
Aspelt Castle1590Undergoing restorationAspelt
Beaufort Castle11th centuryRuin, open to visitorsBeaufort
Beggen Castle1895Now Russian EmbassyDommeldange
Berg Castle1911Grand-ducal residenceColmar-Berg
Bettange-sur-Mess Castle1753Rehabilitation centre for mentally handicapped personsBettange-sur-Mess
Bettembourg Castle1733Town hall of BettembourgBettembourg
Bettendorf Castle1728Privately owned, no visitorsBettendorf
Betzdorf Castle17th centuryOwned by SES communications, no visitorsBetzdorf
Born Castle18th centuryPrivately ownedBorn, Luxembourg
Bourglinster Castle11th centuryHotel and conference centreBourglinster
Bourscheid Castle1095Partly restored, open to visitorsBourscheid
Brandenbourg Castle13th centuryRuin, no longer open to visitorsBrandenbourg
Clemency Castle1665Fully restored, occasionally open to visitorsClemency, SW Luxembourg
Clervaux Castle12th centuryFully restored, open to visitorsClervaux
Colpach Castle18th centuryConvalescent centreColpach-Bas
Differdange Castle1577Miami UniversityDifferdange
Dommeldange Castle17th centuryChinese EmbassyDommeldange
Dudelange Castle15th centuryNow just a ruinMont St. Jean, Luxembourg
Erpeldange Castle1630Commune officesErpeldange
Esch-sur-Sûre Castle13th centuryRuins, site open to visitorsEsch-sur-Sûre
Fischbach Castle17th centuryGrand-ducal residenceFischbach
Grand Ducal Palace, Luxembourg1572Grand-ducal palaceLuxembourg City
Heisdorf Castle19th centuryOld people's homeHeisdorf
Hesperange Castle13th centuryRuin, privately owned, not accessibleHesperange
Hollenfels Castle11th centuryEducational centre for young peopleHollenfels
Koerich Castle13th centuryRuins, site open to visitorsKoerich
La Fontaine Castle1563Today almost nothing remains of the former palaceClausen, Luxembourg City
Larochette Castle11th centuryOpen to the public in summerLarochette
Lucilinburugh1963Only ruins, Open to the publicLuxembourg Bock
Mamer Castle1830Town hall and communal officesMamer
Mersch Castle16th centuryCommune's administration, site can be visitedMersch
Meysembourg Castle1880Privately owned, no visitorsNear Larochette
Munsbach Castle1775Educational institutionMunsbach
Pettingen Castle16th centuryRuin, open to the publicPettingen
Rosport Castle1892Museum open to the publicRosport
Sanem Castle1557Children's homeSanem
Schengen Castle19th centuryHotel and convention centreSchengen
Schoenfels Castle17th centurySite open to the publicSchoenfels
Schuttbourg Castle1404Privately owned, no visitorsNear Kautenbach
Schauwenburg Castle16th centuryTown hall and communal officesBertrange
Senningen Castle1750Governmental conference centre, no visitorsNear Niederanven
Septfontaines Castle13th centuryPrivately owned, no visitorsSeptfontaines
Stadtbredimus Castle1724Wine cooperativeStadtbredimus
Stolzembourg Castle1898Privately owned, no visitorsStolzembourg
Urspelt Castle1860Hotelnear Clervaux
Useldange Castle12th centuryRuins open to the publicUseldange
Vianden CastleMainly 11th to 14th centuryRuins open to the publicUseldange

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