Svartholm Fortress

Svartholm Fortress
The Svartholm sea fortress, portrayed by Gavril Sergeyev in 1809. Photo - Uploaded by Ohto Kokko - Wikipedia - lic. under Public Domain

Castle Facts:

Location: Loviisa, Finland.
Built: 1749.
Condition: Partly ruined.
Ownership / Access: --
Notes: The Svartholm fortress (Finnish: Svartholman merilinnoitus; Swedish: Svartholms f�stning) was built between 1749 and 1764 outside Loviisa in Southern Finland by Augustin Ehrensv�rd. The fortress, which lies at the mouth of the Bay of Loviisa, along with the planned land fortress at Loviisa, would have prevented invading Russian forces from entering what was then Swedish territory in present-day Finland.

How To Get To Svartholm fortress (Map):

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