Branthwaite Hall

Branthwaite Hall
Branthwaite Hall Photo - John Holmes - Wikipedia - lic. under CC 2.0

Castle Facts:

Location: Cumbria, England
Built: 14th-15th century
Condition: Intact
Ownership / Access: Private
Notes: Branthwaite Hall is pele tower in Cumbria, England, considered by historian Anthony Emery to be "one of the best-preserved early houses in Cumbria".Branthwaite Hall was built near the village of Branthwaite and the town of Cockermouth in the mid-15th century by the Skelton family, who acquired the surrounding manor from the Branthwaites by marriage. The new building was constructed from rubble stone with a single tower with a parapet and a spiral-stair turret, with an adjacent hall. The hall was 60 feet long and 42 wide (18 metres by 13 metres), but was largely remodelled in 1604; the new hall is a single space, whereas it was probably originally subdivided, and additional windows were added. Subsequent work was conducted in the 1670s to give the property a grander appearance. The Skeltons held the hall until 1757.

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