Castello Caetani

Castello Caetani
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Castle Facts:

Location: Sermoneta, Italy.
Built: 13th century.
Condition: In good condition.
Ownership / Access: Managed by Roffredo Caetani Foundation, Now home to prestigious cultural events.
Notes: The Caetani castle is a thirteenth-century castle, equipped with male and bastions, located in Sermoneta. The property, belonging to the Foundation by the King Roffredo Caetani (non-profit), is open to the public. The castle can be visited all year round and is open all week except Thursday. From October to March, visits are from 14 to 16 and from April to September, the first visit is at 22 and the last at 14. In addition to tours, managed by "Roffredo Caetani Foundation" founded by Lelia Caetani, the castle is home to prestigious cultural events and is inhabited for long periods of the year by artists and scholars. In spring, the structure is inhabited by the restorers of the International Centre for Studies of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage that protect mainly the halls called "Rooms pints," the facade of the old kitchen. In summer is the time of the "Pontine Music Festival" (event strongly backed by Lelia Caetani (1913-1977), the last heir of the dynasty, and her husband Hubert Howard who instituted in 1963 in memory of the composer Roffredo Caetani, father Lelia and husband of Marguerite Caetani, and of the events organized by the "international Music Campus." meetings and conferences are also organized specifically for architecture, sociology and urban planning.

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