Askerton Castle

Askerton Castle
Askerton Castle Photo - Keith Salvesen - Wikipedia - lic. under CC 2.0

Castle Facts:

Location: Cumbria, England
Built: 14th-16th century
Condition: Restored
Ownership / Access: Private, Farm.
Notes: Askerton Castle was built in the village of Askerton in Cumbria around 1300. Originally the castle was an unfortified manor, but in the late-15th century William Dacre, the third Baron, built two crenellated towers on either end of the hall range, probably with the aim of increasing the living space in the property rather than simply for reasons of defence. A third tower may have been built on the north-west corner of the property, this time for defensive purposes, but has since been lost. The castle was renovated by architect Anthony Salvin in the 1850s. Askerton Castle is a Grade I listed building.

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