List Of Castles Of Turkey

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Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Ayas Castle Adana Province
Yılankale 13th century Ruins Adana Province
Anavarza Castle Rampart and the main building standing Adana Province
Kizlar Kalesi mid 9th century Rebuilt Adana Province
Toprakkale, Osmaniye 1266 Rebuilt Adana Province
Afyonkarahisar 1428-1429 Occupied Afyonkarahisar Province
Köroğlu Afyonkarahisar Province
Amasya Castle 1370–1405 Remained Amasya Province
Ankara Castle 1227 Repair Ankara Province
Alara Castle 11th century Restoration Antalya Province
Alanya Castle 13th century Remnants Antalya Province
Gazipaşa 300 BC Museum of Alanya Antalya Province
Simena Castle Antalya Province
Dereagzi Castle Antalya Province
Kazan Castle Ardahan Province
Savaşır Castle Ardahan Province
Şeytan Castle 1064 Renovated Ardahan Province
Bozcaada Castle 14th century Most of it still standing Çanakkale Province
Kilitbahir Castle 1463 Çanakkale Province
Birecik Castle Gaziantep Province
Gaziantep Castle 2nd and 3rd century AD Runs Gaziantep Province
Bagras Castle 12th-4th century Ruined Hatay Province
Koz Castle Ruined Hatay Province
Anadoluhisari 1393 and 1394 Ruins Istanbul Province
Riva Castle 1391 AD Ruins Istanbul Province
Rumelihisari 1451 and 1452 Remained Istanbul Province
Yoros Castle 15th century Ruined Istanbul Province
Kadifekale 306 BC Restoration Izmir Province
Kars Castle 1153 Visitor attraction Kars Province
Kayseri Castle 238-244 AD Kayseri Province
Kastamonu Castle Destroyed Kastamonu Province
Gevele Castle Konya Province
Ilgın Castle Konya Province
Dağlı Castle Ruin Mersin Province
Gözne Castle 12th-14th century Most of east building still standing Mersin Province
Hisarın Castle Ruin Mersin Province
Kızkalesi 13th century Rebuilt Mersin Province
Mamure Castle Mostly standing Mersin Province
Mancınık Castle Partially standing Mersin Province
Meydancık Castle Ruin Mersin Province
Mut Castle 1228 Renovated Mersin Province
Namrun Castle Remains Mersin Province
Silifke Castle 3rd-century-B.C Repair Mersin Province
Sinap Castle 12th-14th centuries Outer walls still standing Mersin Province
Softa Castle 13th century Mersin Province
Tokmar Castle 12th century Ruin Mersin Province
Yaka Castle Only two walls Mersin Province
Yelbiz Castle Mersin Province
Yeniyurt Castle Ruin Mersin Province
Bodrum Castle 1402 Reconstructed Muğla Province
Marmaris Castle 3,000 B.C Reconstructed Muğla Province
Bolaman Castle Ordu Province
Kevgürk Castle Ordu Province
Ünye Castle Ordu Province
Hemite Castle 13th century Rebuilt Osmaniye Province
Bodrumkale 13th century Abandoned Osmaniye Province
Toprakkale Osmaniye Province
Servantikar 1101-02 Occupied Osmaniye Province
Rize Castle 13th century Restoration Rize Province
Zilkale 14th-15th century Rize Province
Boyabat Castle Museum today Sinop Province
Şanlıurfa Castle 814 AD Museum Şanlıurfa Province
Rumkale 1179 Remains Şanlıurfa Province
Tokat Castle 5th century Restored Tokat Province
Trabzon Castle 1297–1330 Remaining Trabzon Province
Pertek Castle 11th century Rebuilt Tunceli Province
Toprakkale Van Province
Van Castle 8th and 7th centuries BC Large sections of walls are still standing Van Province

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