List Of Castles Of Russia

Northwestern Federal District

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Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Alexander-Svirsky Monastery 15th century Intact Leningrad Oblast
Balga Castle Partial castle remaining
Brandenburg Castle Partial castle remaining
Ferapontov Monastery 1397-1798 Intact Vologda Oblast
Gdov Kremlin 1431-1434 Partial castle remaining Gdov
Goritsky Monastery 1514-1832 Intact Vologda oblast
Ivangorod Fortress 1492 Intact Leningrad Oblast
Izborsk Fortress 14th century Partial castle remaining Pskov Oblast
Khutyn Monastery 1190-1646 Intact Khutyn
Konevsky Monastery 1393-1812 Intact Leningrad Oblast
Konigsberg Castle 1255-1713 Partial castle remaining Kaliningrad
Koporye Kremlin 1237 Partial castle remaining Leningrad Oblast
Korela Fortress 1310 Intact Priozersk
Kronstadt Fortress Intact
Mirozhsky Monastery 12th century Intact Pskov
Novgorod Kremlin 11th-14th century Intact Veliky Novgorod
Oreshek Fortress 1323-18th century Intact Leningrad Oblast
Peter and Paul Fortress 1703-1907 Intact St. Petersburg
Porkhov Fortress 1239 Intact Pskov Oblast
Pskov Kremlin 13th century Intact Pskov Oblast
Pskovo-Pechersky Monastery 1473 Intact Pskov Oblast
Ragnit Castle Partial castle remaining
Saint Michael's Castle 1797-1801 Intact Saint Petersburg
Schaaken Castle 1270 Partial castle remaining Kaliningrad oblast
Solovetsky Monastery 1436-1834 Intact Arkhangelsk Oblast
Staraya Ladoga Fortress Intact
Vologda Kremlin Intact
Vyborg Castle 1293-1564 Intact Leningrad Oblast
Yuriev Monastery 1119-1836 Intact Novgorod Oblast

Central Federal District

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Alexandrov Kremlin 14th-16th century Intact Vladimir Oblast
Donskoy Monastery 1591-2000 Intact Moscow
Goritsky Monastery 14th century-1774 Partial castle remaining Pereslavl-Zalessky
Ipatiev Monastery 1432-1840 Intact Kostroma
Joseph-Volokolamsk Monastery 1479-1696 Intact Moscow Oblast
Kolomna Kremlin 1525-1531 Intact Kolomna
Meyendorff Castle 1874-1885 Intact Moscow Oblast
Monastery of Saint Euthymius 14th century Intact Suzdal
Moscow Kremlin 1482-1495 Intact Moscow
Mozhaysk Kremlin Intact
New Jerusalem Monastery 1656-1697 Intact Moscow Oblast
Nilov Monastery 1594-1833 Intact Tver Oblast
Rostov Veliky Kremlin Intact
Ryazan Kremlin Intact
Saints Boris and Gleb Monastery 1585-1591 Intact Yaroslavl Oblast
Serpukhov Kremlin Intact
Smolensk Kremlin Intact
Spaso-Yakovlevsky Monastery 1389-1836 Intact Yaroslavl Oblast
Suzdal Kremlin 1024-1719 Intact Vladimir Oblast
Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius 1337-1892 Intact Moscow Oblast
Vasilievskoe Castle Intact
Volokolamsk Kremlin Intact
Vyazma Kremlin 17th century Intact Smolensk Oblast
Vysotsky Monastery 1374-1840 Intact Moscow Oblast
Yaroslavl Kremlin Intact
Zaraysk Kremlin 1528-1531 Intact Moscow Oblast

Other Districts

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Astrakhan Kremlin Intact
Derbent Citadel Intact
Kazan Kremlin 1672 Intact Kazan
Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin Intact
Syzran Kremlin 1683 Intact Syzran Samara Oblast
Tobolsk Kremlin Intact

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