List Of Castles Of England


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Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Bedford Castle c.1100 Part of motte remains Bedford Currently owned by Bedfordshire County Council
Biggleswade Castle Remains Biggleswade
Bletsoe Castle Earthworks Bletsoe
Cainhoe Castle 11th century Earthworks Clophill Currently owned by English Heritage.
Chalgrave Castle 11th century No visible remains Toddington
Eastcotts Castle 11th-12th century Earthworks Clophill Currently owned by English Heritage.
Etonbury Castle Cropmarks and earthworks Baldock
Flitwick Castle 11th century Earthworks Flitwick Currently owned by English Heritage.
Higham Gobion Castle 11th-century Earthworks Shillington
Odell Castle 11th century Earthworks Odell Currently owned by English Heritage.
Old Warden Castle Earthworks Old Warden
Podington Castle 11th century Earthworks Podington
Renhold Castle Earthworks Renhold
Risinghoe Castle after 1066 Earthworks Bedford
Someries Castle 15th century Fragmentary remains Luton Currently owned by Bedfordshire County Council
Thurleigh Castle Earthworks Thurleigh
Tilsworth Castle 11th century Earthworks Tilsworth
Toddington Castle 13th century Earthworks Toddington
Totternhoe Castle Norman period Earthworks Totternhoe Part of Totternhoe Knolls Site of Special Scientific Interest.
Yielden Castle First mentioned in 1173 Fragments and earthworks Yielden


Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Beaumys Castle 14th-century Earthworks Swallowfield
Donnington Castle c. 1386 Ruins Near Donnington now in the care of English Heritage
Hampstead Norris Castle Earthworks Hampstead Norris
Newbury Castle Earthworks Berkshire
West Woodhay Castle Motte West Woodhay
Windsor Castle 12th-19th century Intact Windsor Royal palace
Yattendon Castle Limited earthworks Yattendon


Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Bristol Castle Remains Bristol Public open space


Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Boarstall Tower c. 1312 Fragment Bicester National Trust property
Bolbec Castle 1147 Demolished Whitchurch
Bradwell Castle Bradwell
Buckingham Castle Demolished Buckinghamshire
Castlethorpe Castle 12th century Earthworks Milton Keynes
Cublington Castle Earthworks Cublington
Desborough Castle Earthworks River Wye
Ellesborough Castle (Cymbeline's Mount) Earthworks Wycombe district
Lavendon Castle Earthworks Lavendon
Little Kimble Castle Remains Great and Little Kimble
Little Missenden Castle Little Missenden
Weston Turville Castle Weston Turville
Wolverton Castle Wolverton


Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Aldreth Castle Aldreth
Bourn Castle Bourn
Buckden Palace 13th-15th century Fragment Buckden Used as a Christian retreat
Burwell Castle 1143 Earthworks Burwell
Cambridge Castle late 1068 Earthworks Cambridge Open to public
Castle Camps Remains Castle Camps
Cheveley Castle around 1341 Only limited masonry survives Cheveley
Eaton Socon Castle Eaton Socon
Elton Hall c. 1477 Intact Peterborough Owned by the Proby Family since 1660
Ely Castle 1070 No visible remains Ely
Huntingdon Castle 1068 Nothing remains Huntingdon
John O'Gaunt's Castle Remains West Riding of Yorkshire
Kimbolton Castle 17th-18th century Intact Kimbolton Now houses Kimbolton School
Kirtling Tower c. 1530 Intact Newmarket
Longthorpe Tower 1263-1300 Intact Peterborough Owned by the English Heritage
Maxey Castle Earthworks Maxey
Northborough Castle 1330-1340 Intact Northborough Private property
Peterborough Castle Earthworks Peterborough
Woodcroft Castle 1330-1340 Intact Northborough Private property
Woodwalton Castle Earthworks Woodwalton


Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Aldford Castle Earthworks Aldford
Beeston Castle 13th-14th century Ruins Peterborough Private property
Chester Castle 12th century Fragment Chester Currently owned by the English Heritage
Cholmondeley Castle 1801–19 Intact Cholmondeley Not Open to the Public
Doddington Castle c. 1403 Substantially intact Doddington Also known as Delves Hall
Dodlestone Castle Dodleston
Frodsham Castle Ruins Frodsham
Halton Castle 13th century Fragmentary remains Runcorn
Kingsley Castle Kingsley
Macclesfield Castle 1392 and 1398 Demolished Macclesfield
Malpas Castle Malpas
Nantwich Castle Nothing remains Nantwich
Newhall Tower Newhall
Northwich Castle Northwich
Oldcastle Oldcastle
Peckforton Castle 1844–50 Intact Peckforton Now used as a luxury hotel and a venue for corporate events and weddings
Pulford Castle Earthworks Pulford
Shipbrook Castle Nothing remains Davenham
Shocklach Castle Little remains Shocklach
Shotwick Castle c.1093 Earthworks Shotwick Park Free access to public
Warrington Castle Warrington

County Durham

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Auckland Castle 12th-16th century Rebuilt Bishop Auckland Currently owned by Auckland Castle Trust
Barnard Castle 11th-14th century Ruins Barnard Castle Currently owned by the English Heritage
Bishopton Castle 1143 Earthworks Bishopton Village
Bowes Castle 12th century Ruins Barnard Castle Currently owned by the English Heritage
Brancepeth Castle 14th-19th century Reconstructed Brancepeth Since 1987, Brancepeth Castle Craft Fairs have been held twice each year
Cotherstone Castle 1090 Earthworks Cotherstone
Dalden Tower 16th-century Ruins Seaham
Durham Castle 11th-14th century Rebuilt Durham awarded the status of a World Heritage Site in 1986
Lambton Castle c. 1820 Intact Durham Wedding venue
Ludworth Tower Ruins Ludworth,_County_Durham
Lumley Castle c. 1392 Intact Chester-le-Street
Mortham Tower 14th-16th century Intact River Greta Private residence
Raby Castle 12th-14th century Intact Staindrop
Raby Old Lodge 16th-century Restored Staindrop Holiday accommodation
Scargill Castle 13th-15th century Intact Scargill Holiday accommodation
Streatlam Castle Demolished Barnard Castle
Walworth Castle c. 1600 Restored Walworth It has been a hotel since 1981
Witton Castle c. 1410 Restored Near Bishop Auckland Caravan site


Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Bossiney Castle Little remains Bossiney
Bottreaux Castle Boscastle
Caerhays Castle 1807-1810 Intact St Michael Caerhays
Cardinham Castle Cardinham
Carn Brea Castle 1807-1810 Intact Redruth The building was classed by English Heritage as grade II listed in 1975.
Helston Castle Helston
Ince Castle c. 1640 Intact Saltash The house and gardens are only occasionally open to the public
Launceston Castle 11th-13th century Ruins Saltash Currently owned by the English Heritage
Liskeard Castle Liskeard
Pendennis Castle 1540-1598 Intact Falmouth Currently owned by the English Heritage
Pengersick Castle c. 1510 Fragments Germoe
Penstowe Castle Motte Kilkhampton Also called Kilkhampton Castle
Place House, Fowey 15th-19th century Rebuilt Fowey Private property
Restormel Castle 12th-13th century Ruins Lostwithiel Currently owned by the English Heritage
St Catherine's Castle 1538-1540 Ruins Fowey Currently owned by the English Heritage
St. Mawes Castle 1540-1543 Ruins Falmouth Currently owned by the English Heritage
St. Michael's Mount 12th-17th century Substantially Intact Mount's bay Currently owned by the National Trust
Tintagel Castle 1227-1233 Fragmentary remains Tintagel Currently owned by the Duchy of Cornwall
Trematon Castle 12th-13th century Ruins Saltash Currently owned by the Duchy of Cornwall
Upton Castle Fragmentary remains Lewannick


Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Aldingham Moat Hill Aldingham
Appleby Castle 12th-17th century Restored Appleby-in-Westmorland Used for Private events
Armathwaite Castle 15th century Intact Armathwaite Privately owned
Arnside Tower 15th century Ruins Arnside Knott Privately owned
Askerton Castle 14th-16th century Restored Cumbria Privately owned
Beetham Hall 14th century Partly ruined Beetham Privately owned
Bewcastle Castle 14th-15th century Fragmentary ruins Brough Open to the public
Bewley Castle Fragmentary ruins Colby
Blencow Hall 15th-16th century Intact Blencow Holiday accommodation
Brackenburgh Old Tower Substantially intact Calthwaite Adjoining large 19th-century house.
Brackenhill Tower 1584 Intact Arthuret
Branthwaite Hall 14th-15th century Intact Cumbria Private property
Brough Castle 11th-14th century Ruins Brough Currently owned by the English Heritage
Brougham Castle 13th–14th century Ruins Brougham Currently owned by the English Heritage
Brougham Hall 13th-19th century Ruins Brougham Crafts centre
Broughton Tower 14th century Intact Broughton-in-Furness Incorporated in later building
Burneside Hall 14th century Ruins Burneside Private property
Carlisle Castle 12th-15th century Substantially intact Carlisle Open to the public
Castle Howe (Kendal) 1087 Motte Kendal
Castle Howe (Tebay) Earthwork Tebay
Catterlen Hall 15th century Intact Catterlen
Clifton Hall 16th century Substantially intact Clifton Currently owned by the English Heritage
Cockermouth Castle 13th-14th century Partly Restored Cockermouth Privately owned
Corby Castle 13th century Rebuilt Great Corby Privately owned
Dacre Castle 14th century Restored Penrith Privately owned
Dalston Hall 15th century Intact Dalston Used as a Hotel
Dalton Castle 14th century Restored Dalton-in-Furness National Trust
Drawdykes Castle 14th century Intact Linstock Original tower with early Classical Revival facade
Drumburgh Castle 14th century Habitable Drumburgh Private property
Egremont Castle 1092 Ruins Egremont
Gleaston Castle 14th century Fragmentary remains Furness peninsula Private property
Greystoke Castle 14th-19th century Rebuilt Penrith Used as a venue for corporate hospitality, outdoor management training, and is licensed for civil weddings.
Harbybrow Tower 15th century Ruin Harbybrow Private
Haresceugh Castle Little remains Renwick
Hartley Castle Earthworks Kirkby Stephen
Hayes Castle Fragmentary remains Distington
Hayton Castle 14th-15th century Substantially intact Hayton Private property
Hazelslack Tower 14th century Ruins Hazelslack Private property
High Head Castle 1272 Ruins between Carlisle and Penrith
Howgill Castle 14th century Substantially intact Milburn,_Cumbria#Landmarks
Hutton-in-the-Forest 14th-19th century Intact Penrith Historic House
Hutton John 14th century Intact Hutton
Ingmire Hall 16th–20th century Rebuilt Sedbergh Private apartments
Isel Hall 14th–15th century Intact Blindcrake
Kendal Castle 12th-14th century Fragmentary remains Kendal Accessible open space
Kentmere Hall 14th century Intact South Lakeland Private property
Kirkandrews Tower 16th century Intact Longtown Private property
Kirkoswald Castle Ruins Kirkoswald
Lammerside Castle Mallerstang
Liddel Strength Earthworks Carwinley
Linstock Castle 12th–13th century Substantially intact Linstock Private property
Lowther Castle 1806-14 Ruins Westmorland Historic House
Maryport Castle Earthworks Maryport
Middleton Hall 14th century Habitable Warwickshire Private property
Millom Castle 14th century Ruins Millom Castle open to the public
Muncaster Castle 13th-14th century Restored Ravenglass Historic House
Naworth Castle 13th-16th century Restored Brampton Used for Wedding venue
Netherhall Tower Ruins Maryport
Newbiggin Hall 15th–16th century Intact Newbiggin Private property
Pendragon Castle 12th–14th century Fragmentary remains Mallerstang dale Castle open to the public
Penrith Castle 14th–15th century Fragmentary remains Penrith Currently owned by the English Heritage
Pennington Castle Earthworks Pennington
Piel Castle 14th-15th century Ruins Furness Peninsula Currently owned by the English Heritage
Prior's Tower 15th century Intact Carlisle Currently owned by the Church of England
Rose Castle 15th-16th century Restored Cumbria Currently owned by the Church of England
Scaleby Castle 13th-15th century Partly ruined Scaleby Private property
Sedbergh Castle Earthworks Sedbergh
Sizergh Castle 14th-16th century Restored Helsington Currently owned by the National Trust
Toppin Castle 19th century Intact Hayton Private property
Triermain Castle 14th century Fragmentary remains Gilsland
Ubarrow Hall Medieval Substantially intact Longsleddale Private property
Wharton Hall 14th-17th century Partly restored Wharton Private property
Whitehall 14th–15th century Substantially intact Mealsgate Holiday accommodation
Workington Hall 14th–18th century Ruins Workington Also known as Curwen Hall
Wray Castle 1840-7 Intact Claife Currently owned by the National Trust
Wraysholme Tower 15th century Substantially intact Cumbria Private property
Yanwath Hall 15th century Intact Yanwath and Eamont Bridge Private property


Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Bakewell Castle 12th century Earthworks Bakewell
Bolsover Castle 12th-17th century Rebuilt Bolsover Currently owned by the English Heritage
Codnor Castle 13th-14th century Fragmentary remains Nottingham Castle open to the public
Derby Castle Derby
Duffield Castle Stonework Duffield
Elvaston Castle 17th-19th century Derelict Elvaston Currently owned by Derbyshire County Council
Glossop Castle Earthworks Glossop
Gresley Castle Remains Castle Gresley
Haddon Hall 14th-15th century Intact Bakewell Historic House
Hathersage Castle Earthwork Hathersage
Holmesfield Castle Holmesfield
Hope Castle Derbyshire
Horston Castle 13th century Ruined Amber Valley
Mackworth Castle 15th century Fragments Derbyshire Private property
Melbourne Castle 1311-1322 Remains Melbourne No public access
Morley Motte Morley
Peveril Castle 11th-14th century Ruins Derbyshire Currently owned by the English Heritage
Pilsbury Castle Earthworks Pilsbury Open to public
Riber Castle 1868 Ruins Matlock Privately owned
Wingfield Manor 15th century Ruins Derbyshire Currently owned by the English Heritage


Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Affeton Castle 15th century Fragment Devon Privately owned
Bampton Castle 1067 Remains of motte Bampton
Barnstaple Castle 11th century Motte Barnstaple
Berry Pomeroy Castle 15th century Ruins Totnes Currently owned by the English Heritage
Bickleigh Castle 15th century Restored Bickleigh Wedding venue
Blackdown Rings (Loddiswell) 12th century Remains Devon
Castle Drogo 1911-1930 Intact Drewsteignton Owned by the National Trust
Compton Castle 14th-16th century Restored Torquay Owned by the National Trust
Dartmouth Castle 1481 Restored Devon Converted to artillery castle 1509–47
Durpley Castle 10th century Earthwork remains Devon
Eggesford Castle 1547 Remains Eggesford
Gidleigh Castle c. 1300 Ruins Chagford
Hemyock Castle c. 1380 Fragmentary remains Hemyock Private property
Heywood Castle 1547 Remains Eggesford
Holwell Castle 11th-12th century Earthwork Parracombe
Kingswear Castle 1491-1502 Intact Devon Not open to public
Lydford Castle 12th-13th century Ruins Lydford Currently owned by the English Heritage
Marisco Castle c. 1243 Restored Devon Currently owned by the National Trust
Millsome Castle 15th century Earthwork Bondleigh
Okehampton Castle 11th-14th century Fragmentary remains Okehampton Currently owned by the English Heritage
Plympton Castle 12th century Fragmentary remains Plymouth Castle open to the public
Powderham Castle 14th-16th century Restored Devon Historic House, Open to the public
Rougemont Castle 11th-12th century Fragments Exeter Wedding venue
Salcombe Castle 1540 Ruins Salcombe Accessible open space
Tiverton Castle 14th century Partly habitable Tiverton Historic House
Torrington Castle Earthwork Torrington,_Torrington
Totnes Castle 11th-14th century Ruins Devon Currently owned by the English Heritage
Watermouth Castle 1825-45 Intact Watermouth Theme park
Winkleigh Castle Earthwork Winkleigh


Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Brownsea Castle 16th-19th century Intact Poole Harbour Open to public
Christchurch Castle 12th-14th century Fragmentary remains Christchurch Currently owned by the English Heritage
Corfe Castle 11th-13th century Extensive ruins Dorset Open to public
Dorchester Castle 1154 and 1175 Dorchester
East Chelborough Castle Earthwork remains East Chelborough
Lulworth Castle c. 1610 Restored East Lulworth Open to public
Marshwood Castle Marshwood
Pennsylvania Castle 1800 Intact Isle of Portland Used for events
Portland Castle 1539 Intact Dorset Open to public
Powerstock Castle 11th-13th century Powerstock
Rufus Castle 15th century Ruins Portland Private property
Sandsfoot Castle Ruined Weymouth
Sherborne Old Castle 12th century Ruins Sherborne Open to public
Sturminster Newton Castle 17th-18th-century Remains Blackmore Vale
Wareham Castle Earthworks remain Dorset
Woodsford Castle 14th century Habitable Woodsford

East Riding of Yorkshire

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Aughton Castle Earthworks Aughton
Baynard Castle 12th and 13th century Rebuilt Cottingham,_Cottingham
Flamborough Castle Remains Flamborough
Great Driffield Castle 13th century Earthworks Yorkshire
Hull Castle Remains Kingston upon Hull
Paull Holme Tower 15th century Ruins East Riding of Yorkshire Private property
Skipsea Castle 11th century Earthworks Skipsea Currently owned by English Heritage
Swine Castle Earthwork remains Swine,_East_Riding_of_Yorkshire
Wressle Castle 1390 Ruins East Riding of Yorkshire Farm

East Sussex

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Bodiam Castle c. 1385 Ruins Robertsbridge Open to public
Camber Castle c. 1540 Ruins East Sussex Currently owned by the English Heritage
Glottenham Castle 17th century Mountfield
Camber Castle c. 1540 Ruins East Sussex Currently owned by the English Heritage
Hastings Castle c. 1540 Fragmentary ruins Hastings Castle open to the public
Herstmonceux Castle 15th century Restored Herstmonceux Home to events throughout the year, including the annual England's Medieval Festival on August Bank Holiday weekend.
Isfield Castle 16th-century Isfield
Lewes Castle 12th-14th century Ruins Lewes Open to the public
Pevensey Castle 12th century Ruins Pevensey Open to the public
Rye Castle (Ypres Tower) c. 1250 Intact Rye Museum


Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Clavering Castle 12th century Earthworks remain Clavering
Colchester Castle 11th century Intact Colchester Museum
Great Canfield Castle 11th-12th century Earthworks Great Canfield
Great Easton Castle 12th century Remain Uttlesford
Hadleigh Castle 13th-14th century Fragmentary remains Hadleigh Grade I listed building and scheduled monument.
Hedingham Castle 1130-40 Substantially intact Braintree District Historic House
Mount Bures Castle 1066 Ruins Mount Bures
Ongar Castle 11th-12th century Earthworks Chipping Ongar
Pleshey Castle 1158 Earthworks Pleshey
Rayleigh Castle 11th century Earthworks remains Rayleigh
Stebbing Castle 13th century Restoration Stebbing
Stansted Mountfitchet Castle Restoration Stansted Mountfitchet
Walden Castle 12th century Fragmentary remains Essex Castle open to the public


Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Berkeley Castle 12th-14th century Intact Berkeley Historic House
Beverstone Castle 13th-15th century Ruins Beverston The castle was founded in 1229 by Maurice de Gaunt
Bledisloe Tump 11th-12th century Earthworks remains Awre
Brimpsfield Castle 12th-13th century Rebuilt Brimpsfield
Castle Hale (Painswick) 11th century Earthworks Gloucestershire
Castle Tump (Dymock) 11th-12th century Earthworks Dymock,_Dymock
Cirencester Castle 11th century Rebuilt Cirencester
English Bicknor Castle 11th century Earthworks English Bicknor
Gloucester Castle 1112 Remains Gloucester
Hailes Castle (Stanway) 11th-12th century Ruins Stanway,_Stanway
Haresfield Mount 1852 Restoration Hardwicke
Hewelsfield Motte Remains Hewelsfield
Holme Castle (Tewkesbury) 7th century Restored Tewkesbury
Little Camp Hill (Lydney) 1870s Ruins Lydney
Littledean Camp 11th century Earthworks Gloucestershire
Miserden Castle 1146 Ruined Miserden
Newington Bagpath Motte 19th century Earthworks Bagpath
Newnham on Severn Castle 14th century Earthworks Newnham
Ruardean Castle 1111 AD Remains Ruardean
South Cerney Castle 1990 Primary School South Cerney
St. Briavel's Castle 13th century Habitable St Briavels Classed as a Grade I listed building and as a Scheduled Monument
Stow Green (St. Briavels) Ruins St Briavels,_St_Briavels
Sudeley Castle 15th century Restored Winchcombe Historic House
Taynton Castle c1830 Church and School Gloucestershire
Thornbury Castle c. 1511 Substantially intact Thornbury Hotel
Weston Park (Saintbury) 1627 School Gloucestershire
Winchcombe Castle 1140 or 1144 Destroyed Winchcombe

Greater London

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Baynard's Castle 1017 Rebuilt Blackfriars
Montfichet's Castle 11th century Remains Ludgate Hill
Tower of London 11th-13th century Intact London Borough of Tower Hamlets Historic Royal Palaces

Greater Manchester

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Bury Castle 1469 Remains Bury
Buckton Castle 12th century Medieval ringwork Carrbrook
Dunham Castle 1173 Motte Dunham Massey
Manchester Castle 1184 Manchester
Radcliffe Tower 1403 Fragment Radcliffe Castle open to the public
Rochdale Castle Motte Rochdale
Stockport Castle Demolished Stockport
Ullerwood Castle Ringway
Watch Hill Castle Probably 12th century Motte Bowdon


Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Ashley Castle 1138 Remains Ashley
Basing House 1531 Earthworks Old Basing
Calshot Castle 16th century Substantially intact Calshot Spit Currently owned by the English Heritage
Crondall Barley Pound 1828 Remains Crondall
Godshill Castle 1930-1 Earthwork remains Woodgreen
Hurst Castle 16th century Substantially intact Hurst Point Currently owned by the English Heritage
Merdon Castle 12th century Rebuilt Hursley
Netley Castle 16th-19th century Rebuilt Hamble-le-Rice Convalescent home
Odiham Castle Early 13th century Fragmentary ruins Odiham Castle open to the public
Portchester Castle 11th-12th century Extensive ruins Portchester Currently owned by the English Heritage
Powderham Castle (Crondall) 19th century Remained Crondall
Rowland's Castle 1066 and 1199 Earthworks Rowland's
St Andrew's Castle 1542-43 Fragments only remain Hamble,_Hamble
Southampton Castle 11th-14th century Fragments Southampton Accessible open space
Southsea Castle 16th century Rebuilt Portsea Island Local authority
Warblington Castle Ruined Hampshire
Winchester Castle 11th-13th century Fragment Hampshire Castle open to public
Wolvesey Castle 12th century Ruins Winchester Also known as the "Old Bishop's Palace"
Woodgarston Castle Upper Wootton


Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Almeley Castle 1086 Ruin Upper Wootton
Ashton Castle Earthwork remains Brimfield,_Herefordshire
Brampton Bryan Castle 13th-14th century Ruins Brampton Bryan Private property
Bredwardine Castle 12th century Ruined Bredwardine
Bronsil Castle 1240 Remains Bronsil
Clifford Castle 11th-13th century Fragments Wye Valley Private property
Colwall Castle 1066 Earthworks British Camp
Croft Castle 14th century Rebuilt Yarpole
Dorstone Castle 12th century Earthworks now remain Dorstone
Downton Castle c. 1774-78 Intact Downton on the Rock Private property
Eardisland Castle 17th-century Eardisland
Eardisley Castle 11th-century Ruin Eardisley
Eastnor Castle 1811-20 Intact Ledbury Historic House
Edvin Loach Castle 11th-century Earthworks Edvin Loach
Ewyas Harold 1048 Earthworks Ewyas Harold
Goodrich Castle 12th-13th century Ruins Goodrich Currently owned by the English Heritage
Hampton Court 1427 Intact Herefordshire Open to the public
Hereford Castle before 1052 Hereford
Huntington Castle Earthworks Huntingdon
Kentchurch Court 14th century Fragment Kentchurch Historic House
Kilpeck Castle 1090 Ruins Kilpeck
Kingsland Castle Earthworks Kingsland
Kington Castle Kilpeck
Kinnersley Castle Medieval Rebuilt Herefordshire Historic House
Lingen Castle Stone keep Lingen
Longtown Castle 12th-13th century Fragmentary ruins Longtown Currently owned by the English Heritage
Lyonshall Castle 1090 Ruin Lyonshall
Much Marcle Castle Ruined Much Marcle
Newcourt Tump (Bacton) Remains Clifford
Orcop Castle Orcop
Pembridge Castle 12th-13th century Partly habitable Welsh Newton Private property
Penyard Castle 14th century Fragmentary remains Weston under Penyard
Pipe Aston Castle Leinthall Starkes
Richard's Castle before 1051 Earthworks and foundations Richard's Castle
Snodhill Castle 11th–14th century Fragmentary ruins Dorstone
Stapleton Castle Stapleton
Treago Castle 15th-16th century Restored St Weonards Private property
Urishay Castle 17th or 18th century Remains of a motte Peterchurch Scheduled Ancient Monument and has a listed building status of "Not Listed"
Wacton Castle Motte and remains Wacton
Walford Castle Remains Walford, Letton and Newton
Walterstone Castle Walterstone
Wigmore Castle 11th-14th century Fragmentary ruins Wigmore
Wilton Castle 13th century Fragmentary ruins Herefordshire Castle open to the public


Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Anstey Castle 12th-century Remains of a motte Anstey
Benington Castle late 11th or early 12th century Earthworks Benington
Berkhamsted Castle 11th-13th century Fragmentary remains Berkhamsted Maintained as a tourist attraction by English Heritage
Hertford Castle 11th-12th century Fragments Part of Hertfordshire Not open to public
Pirton Castle Pirton
Therfield Castle Therfield
Walkern Castle Walkern
Waytemore Castle c.12th Century Ruins Bishop's Stortford
Wymondley Castle Wymondley

Isle of Wight

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Carisbrooke Castle 12th–14th century Substantially intact Carisbrooke Owned by the English Heritage
East Cowes Castle 1798 Demolished Cowes
Norris Castle c. 1800 Intact Isle of Wight Private property
Yarmouth Castle 1547 Substantially intact Yarmouth Open to Public
West Cowes Castle 16th–19th century Rebuilt Cowes Not open to public

Isles of Scilly

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Cromwell's Castle 1651 Substantially intact Tresco Open to Public
Ennor Castle Remains Old Town,_Isles_of_Scilly
Harry's Walls 1593 Remains St Mary's,_Isles_of_Scilly
King Charles's Castle 1548 and 1551 Ruined Tresco Protected under UK law as a scheduled monument and a Grade II* listed building
Star Castle 1593 Intact St Mary's Hotel


Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Allington Castle 13th-14th century Restored Allington Wedding venue
Binbury Castle 7th century Remains Thurnham
Brenchley Castle Brenchley
Canterbury Castle 12th century Ruins Canterbury
Castle Toll (Newenden) 1242 Remains Newenden
Chiddingstone Castle 19th century Intact Chiddingstone 17th-century building converted to a castle in the 19th century
Chilham Castle 11th-14th century Intact Chilham Private property
Cooling Castle 1380s Intact Cooling Wedding venue
Deal Castle 16th century Intact Deal Owned by the English Heritage
Dover Castle 12th-13th century Intact Dover Owned by the English Heritage
Eynsford Castle 12th century Fragmentary ruins Eynsford Owned by the English Heritage
Folkestone Castle 11th-12th century Earthworks Folkestone
Hever Castle 14th century Restored Hever Historic House
Kingsgate Castle 18th-19th century Intact Kingsgate Bay Private apartments
Leeds Castle 12th-15th century Restored Kent Historic House
Leybourne Castle 13th century Fragmentary ruins Leybourne Private property
Leybourne Castle 13th century Fragmentary ruins Leybourne Private property
Lullingstone Castle 1543-80 Fragments Lullingstone Historic House
Lympne Castle 13th-14th century Restored Lympne Wedding venue
Newnham Castle 12th century Newnham
Otford Palace 16th century Ruins Sevenoaks District Open to public
Penshurst Place 14th-15th century Fragment Tonbridge Remodelled in the 19th century, single tower and stretch of wall survive from fortifications of c. 1400.
Queenborough Castle 1361–1377 Queenborough
Rochester Castle 1127 Ruins Rochester Keep 125 ft (38 m) high to top of turrets
Saltwood Castle 12th-14th century Partly restored Hythe Private property
Sandgate Castle 1539-40 Substantially intact Kent Private property
Sandown Castle 1539 and 1540 Limited ruins remain Sandown
Sandwich Castle 14th century Ruins Sandwich,_Kent
Scotney Castle 1378-80 Fragment River Bewl Owned by the National Trust
Sissinghurst Castle 15th century Rebuilt Cranbrook Owned by the National Trust
Starkey Castle 14th century Fragment Wouldham Fine medieval hall-house remains from possibly fortified manor house.
St Leonard's Tower 1080 Ruins West Malling Currently owned by the English Heritage
Stone Castle 12th century Intact Near Bluewater Wedding venue
Sutton Valence Castle 12th century Fragmentary remains Sutton Valence Owned by the English Heritage
Stowting Castle Ruins Sandwich
Thurnham Castle 12th century Ruins Maidstone
Tonbridge Castle 11th-13th century Fragments Kent Open to public
Upnor Castle 1559-67, 1599-1601 Substantially intact Kent English Heritage property
Walmer Castle 1539 Intact Walmer English Heritage property
Westenhanger Castle c. 1343 Fragment Kent Used as a conference and wedding venue


Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Arkholme Motte Motte Arkholme-with-Cawood
Ashton Hall 14th-19th century Intact Thurnham Now owned by Lancaster Golf Club
Borwick Hall 14th century Intact Borwick Outdoor education centre
Castle Stede 11th or 12th century Earthworks Hornby-with-Farleton
Clitheroe Castle 11th-12th century Ruins Clitheroe Castle open to the public
Greenhalgh Castle 1490 Ruined Near Garstang
Halton Castle 11th century Earthworks Halton-with-Aughton
Hapton Castle Little remains Hapton
Hornby Castle 13th century Fragments Hornby Private property
Lancaster Castle 11th-12th century Intact Lancaster Open to public
Melling Motte Motte Arkholme-with-Cawood
Penwortham Castle Remains Penwortham
Thurland Castle 14th-15th century Rebuilt Lancashire Private apartments
Turton Tower 15th century Intact Borough of Blackburn with Darwen Historic House
Whittington Motte Motte Arkholme-with-Cawood


Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Ashby de la Zouch Castle 12th-15th century Fragmentary ruins Ashby-de-la-Zouch
Belvoir Castle 17th-19th century Intact Leicestershire
Donington Castle 12th century Remains Leicestershire
Earl Shilton Castle Earl Shilton
Gilmorton Castle Gilmorton
Groby Castle Earthworks Groby
Hallaton Castle Earthworks Hallaton Earthworks only remain
Hinckley Castle Hinckley
Kirby Muxloe Castle 1480-3 Intact Kirby Muxloe
Leicester Castle 12th-13th century Fragments Leicester Open to public
Mountsorrel Castle Mountsorrel
Sapcote Castle Sapcote
Sauvey Castle 1135–1154 Sauvey
Shackerstone Castle Shackerstone
Shawell Castle Shawell
Whitwick Castle 12th-century Motte Whitwick


Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Barrow upon Humber Castle Barrow upon Humber
Bolingbroke Castle 13th-14th century Fragmentary ruins Bolingbroke Home to numerous events including performances of Shakespeare
Bourne Castle Remains Bourne
Bytham Castle Earthworks Lincolnshire Not open top public
Carlton Castle 12th century Remains Carlton
Folkingham Castle Folkingham
Gainsborough Castle Gainsborough
Goltho Castle Goltho
Grimsthorpe Castle 13th century Fragment Lincolnshire Remodelled in 18th and 19th centuries, retains a 13th-century south-east tower
Heydour Castle Heydour
Hough-on-the-Hill Castle Hough-on-the-Hill
Hussey Tower 14th–15th century Ruins Boston
Kingerby Castle 1216 Destroyed Market Rasen
Kyme Tower 14th century Fragment Lincolnshire Private property
Lincoln Castle 11th-13th century Substantially intact Lincolnshire Open to public
Owston Ferry (Kinaird) Castle c. 1070 Ruin Gainsborough
Rochford Tower 15th–16th century Fragment Boston 2 miles east of Boston
Sleaford Castle 1123 and 1139 Remains Sleaford
Somerton Castle 1281-1305 Fragment Boothby Graffoe Private property
Stamford Castle Stamford
Tattershall Castle 1430s Intact Tattershall Open to public
Torksey Castle 16th century Fragmentary ruins Torksey Private property
Tothill Castle Tothill
Welbourn Castle Earthworks Welbourn
Withern Castle Withern


Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Brimstage Hall c. 1398 Substantially intact Wirral Tower incorporated in later building of 16th and 19th centuries
Leasowe Castle 16th-19th century Intact Metropolitan Borough of Wirral Hotel
Liverpool Castle 1232 Ruin Liverpool
West Derby Castle West Derby


Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Baconsthorpe Castle 15th century Fragmentary ruins Baconsthorpe Freely accessible to the public
Buckenham Castle 1263 Earthworks survive Liverpool
Burgh Castle 12th century No visible remains Norfolk Owned by Norfolk Archaeological Trust
Caister Castle 1432-46 Fragmentary ruins Great Yarmouth Now a Museum
Castle Acre Castle 11th-12th century Fragmentary remains Norfolk Now in the care of English Heritage
Castle Rising Castle c. 1138 Ruins Castle Rising Now in the care of English Heritage
Claxton Castle 14th-15th century Fragmentary ruins Claxton Private property
Denton Castle 1088 Earthworks only remain Denton
Dilham Castle 15th century Intact Norfolk
Gresham Castle 1427 Abandoned Gresham
Horsford Castle Earthworks Horsford
Hunworth Castle Earthworks Hunworth Now a popular venue for weddings and other family functions
Middleton Mount Norman period Earthworks Middleton
Mileham Castle 1100 Moat Mileham
North Elmham Castle 11th century Earthworks Breckland
Norwich Castle c. 1095-1110 Intact Norwich Now houses the Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery
Oxburgh Hall c. 1482 Intact Oxborough Today in the hands of the National Trust
Thetford Castle 11th century Earthworks remain Norfolk
Weeting Castle 12th century Fragmentary ruins Weeting Open all year for visitors
Wormegay Castle Remain Wormegay


Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Alderton Castle Alderton
Astwell Castle 15th century Fragment Northamptonshire Farm
Barnwell Castle c. 1266 Ruins Barnwell Private property
Benefield Castle 13th century Lower Benefield
Bury Mount (Towcester) 11th Century Earthwork Bury Mount
Castle Dykes (Farthingstone) Farthingstone
Fotheringhay Castle 13th century Remains Fotheringhay
Lilbourne Castle Lilbourne
Little Houghton Castle Little Houghton
Long Buckby Castle Long Buckby
Moor End Castle 1347 Remains Moor End
Northampton Castle 1084 Destroyed Northampton
Rockingham Castle 13th-19th century Rebuilt Corby Open to Public
Sulgrave Castle Sulgrave
Thorpe Waterville Castle 14th century Fragment Thorpe Waterville Private property
Titchmarsh Castle Titchmarsh


Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Alnham Vicars Pele 14th-century Restored Alnham Restored from a ruinous state in the 19th century.
Alnwick Castle 12th-14th century Restored Alnwick
Aydon Castle 14th century Intact Corbridge Sometimes called Aydon Hall
Bamburgh Castle 12th-14th century Restored Bamburgh Hosts weddings and corporate events
Barmoor Castle 14th-19th century Rebuilt Northumberland Private property
Beaufront Castle 1836-1841 Intact Hexham Private property
Bellister Castle 13th-14th century Fragmentary remains Haltwhistle Scheduled Ancient Monument and a Grade I listed building
Belsay Castle 1439-60 Intact Belsay Administered by English Heritage and is open the public
Berwick Castle 12th-13th century Fragmentary remains Berwick-upon-Tweed Now administered by English Heritage
Bitchfield Castle 14th century Restored Belsay
Blenkinsop Castle 14th century Ruins Greenhead Private property
Bothal Castle 14th century Rebuilt Bothal Private property
Bywell Castle 15th century Fragment Corbridge Private property
Callaly Castle 14th-15th century Intact Alnwick Private apartments
Cartington Castle 14th-15th century Fragmentary remains Northumberland Private property
Chillingham Castle 1344 Intact Chillingham Sections of the castle are open to the public
Chipchase Castle 14th century Intact Hexham Privately owned
Cocklaw Tower 14th–15th century Shell Chollerton Private, farm
Cockle Park Tower c. 1517 Intact Cockle Park
Corbridge Vicar's Pele 1318 Intact Corbridge Accesible Open Space
Cornhill Castle Cornhill-on-Tweed
Coupland Castle 16th-17th century Restored Wooler Private property
Craster Tower 14th–15th century Intact Craster
Crawley Tower 14th century Ruins Powburn Private
Cresswell Castle 15th century Ruin Ashington 18th century-parapet
Dally Castle Tarset
Dilston Castle 15th century Ruins Corbridge Castle open to public
Duddo Tower 16th century Remains Duddo
Dunstanburgh Castle 14th century Fragmentary ruins Northumberland Spectacular coastal setting
Edlingham Castle 14th century Fragmentary ruins Alnwick Scheduled Ancient Monument and Grade I listed building
Elsdon Castle 14th-15th century Earthworks Remains Rothbury
Elsdon Tower 16th century Intact Elsdon Private property
Embleton Tower 14th century Intact Embleton 19th-century vicarage attached
Etal Castle 14th century Fragmentary ruins Etal Managed by English Heritage
Featherstone Castle 14th century Intact Haltwhistle Private property
Ford Castle 14th century Substantially intact River Till Private property
Ford Parson's Tower Ford
Great Tosson Tower Thropton
Haggerston Castle 1311 Ruin Haggerston
Halton Castle 13th-14th century Intact Corbridge Private property
Haltwhistle Castle Haltwhistle
Harbottle Castle 12th-14th century Fragmentary ruins Harbottle Accesible Open Space
Haughton Castle 13th-14th century Restored Hexham Private property
Heiferlaw Tower South Charlton
Hepple Tower Hepple
Hethpool Tower Hethpool House
Hexham Moot Hall and Old Gaol 14th–15th century Intact Hexham Probably once connected by bailey wall, AD1415 list of castles has "Turris de Hexham"
Horsley Tower 16th century Intact Longhorsley Private
Howtel Tower Howtel
Kyloe Tower Kyloe
Langley Castle c. 1350 Restored Haydon Bridge Hotel
Lemmington Hall 15th century Restored Edlingham Wedding venue
Lindisfarne Castle 16th century Restored Berwick-upon-Tweed Now in the care of the National Trust
Little Swinburne Tower Thockrington
Lowick Castle Lowick
Mitford Castle 11th-13th century Fragmentary ruins Mitford Castle Open to Public
Morpeth Castle 1342-1349 Fragments Morpeth Restored by the Landmark Trust and is now available as a holiday rental home
Nafferton Castle Ovington
Norham Castle 12th century Ruins Northumberland Now in the care of English Heritage and is open to visitors
Overgrass Tower Swarland
Ponteland Castle Ponteland
Preston Tower c. 1400 Fragment Ellingham South wall remains, with two of the original four turrets
Prior Castell's Tower 15th–16th century Substantially intact Farne Islands
Prudhoe Castle 12th-14th century Ruins Prudhoe Now in the care of English Heritage and is open to visitors
Simonburn Castle Simonburn
Shilbottle Tower 15th century Restored Shilbottle Incorporated into a vicarage
Shortflatt Tower 14th–15th century Restored Bolam Incorporated in later house
Staward Peel Allen Banks
Tarset Castle Tarset
Thirlwall Castle 14th century Fragmentary ruins Greenhead Grade I listed building and Scheduled Ancient Monument
Thornton Tower Newbrough
Twizell Castle Remains Twizell
Warden Castle Warden
Wark Castle Wark
Warkworth Castle 12th-14th century Ruins Northumberland Currently owned by the English heritage
Welton Hall Horsley
West Lilburn Tower 19th century Lilburn
Widdrington Castle 17th century Earthworks Remains Widdrington
Whittingham Tower 13th–14th century Restored Whittingham Converted for use as almshouses in 1845
Whitton Tower c. 1386 Intact Rothbury Near Rothbury, well-preserved
Willimoteswick Castle 16th century Bardon Mill Rothbury Incorporates remains of earlier building, largely rebuilt in 1900

North Yorkshire

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Acklam Motte Acklam
Ayton Castle 13th–14th century Fragment West Ayton
Barden Tower 15th century Ruins Barden
Bolton Castle 14th century Ruins Wensleydale Besieged and slighted during English Civil War.
Burton in Lonsdale Castle 1322 Burton in Lonsdale
Buttercrambe Castle Earthworks Buttercrambe
Carlton Castle Carlton
Castle Levington Middleton-on-Leven
Cawood Castle 1374-1388 Fragments Cawood Largely demolished in 1750, gatehouse survives
Clifford's Tower 13th century Restored Yorkshire Reduced in height 1596
Crayke Castle 15th century Restored Crayke Private property
Danby Castle 14th century Fragmentary ruins Scarborough Private, farm
Duffield Castle 1320 Earthworks North Yorkshire,_North_Yorkshire
Gilling Castle 14th century Intact Gilling East
Guisborough Castle Guisborough
Harsley Castle West Harlsey
Hazlewood Castle 13th-18th century Rebuilt Between Aberford and Tadcaster Altered in the 18th and 20th centuries, formerly Carmelite retreat centre
Hellifield Peel 14th–15th century Restored Hellifield Restored 2005
Helmsley Castle 12th-13th century Fragmentary ruins Helmsley Now in the care of English Heritage
Hornby Castle 14th-15th century Restored Wensleydale Converted to country house by John Carr, 18th century
Howe Hill (Yafforth) Yafforth
Hunmanby Castle Hunmanby
Killerby Castle Catterick
Kilton Castle Kilton
Kirkby Fleetham Castle Kirkby Fleetham
Knaresborough Castle 12th-14th century Fragmentary ruins Knaresborough Converted to country house by John Carr, 18th century
Kyme Castle Newton Kyme
Lythe Castle Lythe
Malton Castle Malton
Marmion Tower 15th century Fragment West Tanfield Now under the care of English Heritage
Middleham Castle 12th-14th century Ruins Wensleydale The ruins are now in the care of English Heritage
Mulgrave Castle 12th-13th century Fragmentary ruins Whitby Superseded by 18–19th-century castellated mansion also known as Mulgrave Castle
Nappa Hall 1459 Intact Wensleydale Enlarged in the 17th century, little altered since
Pickering Castle 12th-14th century Ruins Pickering Scheduled Monument and open to the public
Ravensworth Castle 14th century Fragmentary remains Ravensworth Private property
Richmond Castle 11th-14th century Ruins Richmond Originally called Riche Mount, 'the strong hill'.
Ripley Castle 15th-16th century Rebuilt Ripley Historic House
Saxton Castle Saxton
Scarborough Castle 12th-13th century Ruins Scarborough Has been a ruin since the sieges of the English Civil War
Sigston Castle Kirby Sigston
Sheriff Hutton Castle 1382 Fragmentary ruins Sheriff Hutton Private property
Skelton Castle 13th–19th century Intact Skelton 18th–19th century house incorporates remains of medieval castle
Skipton Castle 12th-17th century Restored Skipton Partly demolished in 1649, rebuilt in 1657–58
Slingsby Castle Slingsby
Snape Castle 15th-18th century Partly ruined North Yorkshire Mostly reconstructed in the 17th century
South Cowton Castle 15th century Restored Richmondshire Private property
Spofforth Castle 13th-15th century Fragmentary ruins Spofforth Managed by Spofforth-with-Stockeld Parish Council
Tadcaster Castle Tadcaster
Topcliffe Castle Topcliffe
Upsall Castle 1327 Ruin Upsall
Whorlton Castle 14th-16th century Fragmentary ruins Hambleton Not open to Public
Wilton Castle c. 1810 Intact Redcar and Cleveland Private apartments


Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Annesley Castle Annesley
Aslockton Castle 12th century Earthworks Aslockton
Bothamsall Castle Bothamsall
Cuckney Castle Remains Cuckney
Egmanton Castle Egmanton
Greasley Castle Greasley
Halloughton Manor House 14th century Intact Halloughton Attached to later building
Laxton Castle 11th-12th century Earthworks remain Laxton
Lowdham Castle Lowdham
Newark Castle 12th-14th century Ruins Newark Restored in the 19th century
Nottingham Castle 12th-13th century Fragmentary remains Nottingham Demolished in 1651, later mansion on site, a much-restored 14th-century gatehouse remains
Worksop Castle Worksop


Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Ardley Castle Earthworks Ardley
Ascot d'Oilly Castle 1129 Earthworks Ascott-under-Wychwood
Ascott Earl Castle Earthworks Ascott Earl
Bampton Castle c. 1315 Fragment Bampton Private property
Banbury Castle 1135 No remains Banbury
Beaumont Castle Limited earthworks remain Mixbury
Brightwell Castle 1145 Destroyed Brightwell
Broughton Castle 14th-15th century Intact Banbury Historic house
Chipping Norton Castle Chipping Norton
Deddington Castle 1066 Earthworks Deddington
Faringdon Castle destroyed Faringdon
FitzHarris Castle 1071-1084 Abingdon
Hanwell Castle 15th-16th century Fragment Hanwell Private property
Hinton Waldrist Castle Earthworks Berkshire
Oxford Castle 11th-12th century Fragment Oxford Hotel
Rotherfield Greys Castle 14th century Fragment Henley-on-Thames Towers and section of wall survive, close to Greys Court
Radcot Castle Radcot
Shirburn Castle c. 1378 Rebuilt Thame Private property
South Moreton Castle 11th century Earthworks South Moreton
Swerford Castle 12th century Earthworks Swerford
Wallingford Castle 11th-13th century Fragmentary remains Wallingford Slighted in 1652, impressive earthworks remain


Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Burley Castle 11th or early 12th century Earthworks Oakham
Essendine Castle Earthworks Essendine
Oakham Castle 12th-13th century Fragment Oakham Known for its collection of massive horseshoes
Uppingham Castle Earthworks Uppingham
Woodhead Castle Earthworks Great Casterton


Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Acton Burnell Castle 13th century Ruins Acton Burnell Maintained by English Heritage
Alberbury Castle 13th century Fragmentary remains Shrewsbury Accesible open space
Apley Castle 14th century Inhabited Hadley
Belan Bank (Kinnerley) Earthworks Kinnerley
Bishop's Castle 1087 Ruins Bishop's Castle
Bridgnorth Castle 12th century Fragmentary remains Bridgnorth Castle open to public
Broncroft Castle 14th century Intact Bouldon Renovated in the 19th century
Bryn Amlwg Castle 12th and 13th century Earthworks Anchor
Buckhurst Castle Earthworks Little Stretton No public access
Bucknell Castle Earthworks Bucknell
Caus Castle late 11th century Earthworks Westbury
Charlton Castle Shrewsbury
Bridgnorth Castle 12th century Fragmentary remains Bridgnorth Castle open to public
Cheney Longville Castle 14th-17th century Part habitable Craven Arms Private property
Cleobury Castle 12th century Ludlow
Clun Castle 13th century Fragmentary remains Clun Managed by English Heritage
Clungunford Castle Clungunford
Colebatch Castle Colebatch
Corfham Castle Earthworks Diddlebury
Ellesmere Castle Ellesmere
Fordhall castle Earthworks North Shropshire
Hodnet Castle around 1082 Hodnet
Holdgate Castle founded before 1210 Earthworks Holdgate
Hopton Castle 14th century Ruins Hopton Castle Partially restored between 2006 and 2011
Knockin Castle between 1154 and 1160 Mound Knockin
Lea Castle Fragmentary remains Lydham
Little Ness Castle Little Ness
Ludlow Castle 11th-14th century Ruins Ludlow One of the great Welsh border castles
Middlehope Castle Earthworks Eaton-under-Heywood
Minton Castle Minton
Moreton Corbet Castle 12th century Fragmentary remains Moreton Corbet Owned by the Corbet Family
Myddle Castle between 1308 and 1310 Ruins Myddle
Oswestry Castle 1086 Fragmentary remains Oswestry
Pulverbatch Castle Earthwork Church Pulverbatch
Quatford Castle c. 1830 Intact Quatford Nearby are earthwork remains of the medieval Quatford Castle
Red Castle 13th century Fragmentary remains Hawkstone Park Overgrown, feature of Hawkstone Park landscape garden. Building At Risk.
Rowton Castle 18th-19th century Intact Shrewsbury Hotel
Rushbury Castle Rushbury
Ruyton-XI-Towns Castle 12th century Ruins Ruyton-XI-Towns
Shrawardine Castle Shrawardine
Shrewsbury Castle 12th century Rebuilt Shrewsbury Museum
Soulton Castle
Stapleton Castle Stapleton
Stokesay Castle 13th-14th century Intact Stokesay Restored in the 19th century
Wattlesborough Castle 13th-14th century Fragment Alberbury Near Rowton, keep/tower survives, adjoining Wattlesborough Hall
Wem Castle
Whittington Castle 12th-13th century Fragments Shropshire Gatehouse towers survive
The Beacon (Bretchel) Wollaston
Tong Castle 12th century Demolished in 1954 Wolverhampton
Tyrley Castle 1066 Market Drayton
West Felton Castle West Felton
Wollaston Castle Wollaston
Yockleton Castle Yockleton


Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Ballands Castle 1066 Earthworks Penselwood
Banwell Castle c. 1848 Intact Banwell Hotel and Restaurant
Beckington Castle 17th century Rebuilt Beckington Grade II listed building
Bridgwater Castle 1202 Demolished Bridgwater
Bury Castle 12th medieval century Ruins Selworthy,_Somerset
Cary Castle Earthworks Castle Cary
Castle Batch 1066-1086 Earthworks Weston-super-Mare
Castle Neroche Earthworks Staple Fitzpaine
Cockroad Wood Castle 1066 Earthworks Charlton Musgrove
Crewkerne Castle Earthworks Crewkerne
Culverhay Castle 11th-13th century Earthworks Englishcombe
Dunster Castle 13th-19th century Rebuilt Dunster Grade I listed building and scheduled monument
Farleigh Hungerford Castle 14th-15th century Ruins Farleigh Hungerford Owned by English Heritage
Fenny Castle c. 1140 Remains of the stonework Wookey
Montacute Castle 1066 Montacute
Newton St Loe Castle 14th century Fragment Newton St Loe Leased by Bath Spa University
Nunney Castle 1373 Ruins Nunney Now run by English Heritage as a tourist attraction
Richmont Castle 1066 Earthworks East Harptree
Stogursey Castle 11th-12th century Fragmentary remains Somerset Restored by the Landmark Trust between 1981 and 1982
Stowey Castle 11th century Earthworks Nether Stowey
Sutton Court 14th-15th century Fragments Stowey Private apartments
Taunton Castle 13th century Restored Taunton Unoccupied as of 2013
Walton Castle 1615-20 Restored Clevedon Private property
Wells Bishop's Palace 13th-15th century Substantially intact Somerset Historic house open to public
Wimble Toot Castle 1067-1069 Earthworks Babcary

South Yorkshire

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Bradfield Castle (Bailey Hill) Bradfield
Conisbrough Castle 11th century Ruined Conisbrough
Doncaster Castle Doncaster
Hangthwaite Castle Motte and the ditches Doncaster
Kimberworth Castle Kimberworth
Laughton Castle Laughton-en-le-Morthen
Manor Castle 1516 Ruins Sheffield
Mexborough Castle Mexborough
Sheffield Castle 1270 Remains Sheffield
Tickhill Castle Ruins Tickhill
Thorne Castle Thorne


Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Alton Castle 12th-13th century Fragmentary remains Alton Cliff-top position, site partly occupied by a 19th-century building
Audley Castle Audley
Caverswall Castle c. 1275 Substantially intact Caverswall Not open to the public
Chartley Castle 11th-13th century Fragmentary remains Stowe-by-Chartley Private property
Eccleshall Castle 14th century Fragmentary remains Eccleshall Private property
Heighley Castle c.1175-1246 Ruined Madeley
Stafford Castle 11th-12th century Earthworks Stafford Medieval keep partly rebuilt in the 19th century, then partly demolished
Stourton Castle 14th-15th century Fragment Stourton Private property
Tamworth Castle 11th-13th century Rebuilt Tamworth One of the best preserved Norman motte-and-bailey castles in England
Tutbury Castle 12th-15th century Fragmentary ruins Tutbury Now hosts nocturnal both private and public ghost hunts


Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Bungay Castle 12th-13th century Fragmentary remains Bungay Now owned by the Bungay Castle Trust
Clare Castle 11th century Fragmentary remains Clare Remains of the castle are now part of a local park
Denham Castle 12th century Earthworks remain Gazeley
Eye Castle 11th century Fragmentary remains Eye Motte over 40 ft (12 m) high
Framlingham Castle 12th century Ruins Framlingham Owned by English Heritage and run as a tourist attraction
Freckenham Castle Freckenham
Great Ashfield Castle Earthworks remain Great Ashfield
Haughley Castle 11th century Rebuilt Suffolk
Ipswich Castle 12th century Destroyed Ipswich
Lidgate Castle 1143 Earthworks remain Lidgate
Mettingham Castle c. 1342 Fragmentary remains Mettingham Private property
Milden Castle 12th century Remain Milden
Orford Castle 1165–73 Intact Orford Unique polygonal keep survives
Wingfield Castle c. 1385 Fragment Wingfield Private property


Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Abinger Castle 1100 Remain Abinger
Betchworth Castle 11th century Ruin Betchworth
Bletchingley Castle 1170 to 1264 Ruined Surrey
Cranleigh Castle (Broomhall Copse) Cranleigh
Farnham Castle 12th century Substantially intact Farnham Shell keep replaced earlier keep part buried, part remodelled in the 17th century
Guildford Castle 12th-13th century Ruins Guildford Tower keep survives, roofless since c. 17th century
Reigate Castle 1088 Ruined Reigate
Starborough Castle Lingfield
Thunderfield Castle Horley
Walton-on-the-Hill Castle Walton-on-the-Hill

Tyne and Wear

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Burradon Tower 1553 Abandoned Burradon
Heaton Castle Heaton
Hylton Castle c. 1400 Ruins Sunderland Grade I listed building and a Scheduled Ancient Monument
Newcastle Castle 1172-77 Restored Newcastle upon Tyne Keep and gatehouse survive
Old Hollinside 13th century Ruins Whickham On slope overlooking River Derwent
Ravensworth Castle 14th-19th century Ruins Gateshead Private property
Tynemouth Castle 13th-14th century Ruins Tynemouth Now managed by English Heritage


Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Astley Castle 13th-14th century Shell North Warwickshire Altered 15–19th centuries, hotel prior to fire in 1978. Modern living space constructed within shell, winner of Stirling Prize 2013
Baginton Castle Baginton
Beaudesert Castle 13th century. Earthworks Beaudesert
Brailes Castle Brailes
Brandon Castle 12th century Earthworks Brandon
Brinklow Castle Earthworks Brinklow
Caludon Castle Ruined Coventry
Fillongley Castle Fillongley
Hartshill Castle 12th century Ruined Hartshill
Halford Castle Halford
Kenilworth Castle 12th-14th century Ruins Kenilworth English Heritage has managed the castle since 1984
King John's Castle Kineton
Kingsbury Hall Kingsbury
Maxstoke Castle 14th-15th century Substantially intact Maxstoke Moated, domestic buildings of 15–19th centuries within curtain walls
Ratley Castle Ratley
Seckington Castle Seckington
Studley Castle 19th-century Studley
Warwick Castle 13th-15th century Intact Warwick Privately owned but open to the public

West Midlands

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Bromwich Castle 12th-13th century Remains Castle Bromwich
Coventry Castle 12th century Destroyed Coventry
Dudley Castle 13th-14th century Ruins Dudley Slighted in 1647, then rebuilt and inhabited until destroyed by fire in 1750, partly restored in the 19th century
Weoley Castle (house) Ruined Birmingham

West Sussex

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Amberley Castle 1377-1382 Partly habitable Amberley Now in use as a privately owned hotel
Arundel Castle 12th-13th century Heavily restored Arundel Principal seat of the Norfolk family
Bramber Castle 11th-12th century Fragmentary remains Bramber Commanding position, earthworks and fragment of wall remain.
Chichester Castle 11th century Chichester
Halnaker House 13th–14th century Ruins Halnaker Altered in the 18th century, fell into ruin 1880s, replaced by later house of same name
(Old) Knepp Castle 1214 Ruins West Grinstead
Midhurst Castle Midhurst
Pulborough Castle Pulborough
Sedgwick Castle Nuthurst

West Yorkshire

Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Almondbury Castle 1810–11 Remains Almondbury,_Huddersfield
Bardsey Castle Bardsey
Barwick-in-Elmet Castle Destroyed Barwick-in-Elmet
Dobroyd Castle 1866-1869 Intact Todmorden Currently used as an Activity Centre
Harewood Castle 14th century Ruins Leeds Private property
Pontefract Castle 12th-13th century Fragmentary remains City of Wakefield Royal castle, withstood three sieges during English Civil War, afterwards dismantled
Sandal Castle 12th century Fragmentary remains Sandal Magna Well-preserved earthworks, excavated site with visitor centre
Sowerby Castle Sowerby
Wakefield Castle 12th century Motte Thornes Park
Wetherby Castle Wetherby


Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Ashton Keynes Castle 12th century Earthworks Ashton Keynes
Bincknoll Castle Earthworks Wiltshire
Castle Combe Castle 12th century Earthworks Castle Combe
Castle Orchard Earthworks Stourton
Devizes Castle 19th century Intact Devizes Private apartments
Lewisham Castle Earthworks Aldbourne
Longford Castle 1591 Intact Salisbury Remodelled in the 18th century
Ludgershall Castle 11th-13th century Fragmentary remains Ludgershall Remains of a tower and extensive earthworks
Malmesbury Castle No surviving traces Malmesbury
Marlborough Castle Earthworks Marlborough
Mere Castle 1253 Earthworks Mere,_Mere
Norwood Castle Earthworks Oaksey
Old Sarum Castle 11th–13th century Fragmentary remains Old Sarum On site of Iron Age hill fort
Old Wardour Castle c. 1393 Ruins Wardour Remodelled in the 16–17th centuries, superseded by Palladian building known as New Wardour Castle
Sherrington Castle 11th or early in the 12th century Sherrington
Stapleford Castle Earthworks Stapleford


Name BuiltConditionLocationNotes / more info
Caldwall Castle 15th–16th century Fragment Kidderminster
Castlemorton Castle Medieval Earthworks Castlemorton
Elmley Castle 11th century Earthworks Elmley Castle
Hanley Castle 1206 and 1212 Nothing remains Hanley Castle
Hartlebury Castle 15th century Rebuilt Worcestershire Museum
Holt Castle 14th–19th century Intact Holt Fleet Wedding venue
Homme Castle Medieval Earthworks Clifton-upon-Teme
Inkberrow Castle 1154 and 1216 Earthworks Inkberrow
Leigh Castle Leigh
Tenbury Wells Castle Tenbury Wells
Worcester Castle 13th-14th century Fragment Worcester Edgar Tower, now the entrance to College Green, may incorporate the remains of a castle gatehouse.

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